Internal & External Window Cleaning Service in Mangere East.

Window cleaning is the kind of job most people don’t give much thought to, until one day they suddenly realise how filthy their windows have become. This often presents a problem. 

Most dirty marks tend to be on the outside of windows, and New Zealand’s huge number of two-storey houses means that cleaning them safely and effectively is impossible for even the most dedicated homeowner.

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Can't I just do it myself?

It depends on your house, the state of your health, and how much time and energy you’re willing to spend on what can often be a frustrating task when it’s not done with professional equipment.

Window cleaning is a bit like washing a roof. In theory, anyone can do it. But not many people feel great about the idea of clambering up on a roof, and not many know how to do the job safely and effectively. And it’s the same with windows. 

Even one-storey houses often require a good deal of agility for a thorough clean from top to bottom. Cleaning windows yourself can be dangerous especially with multi-storey homes, old brittle glass and hard to reach areas. 

Why you should leave it to the professionals:

Streak free windows guaranteed.

Although you may be able to clean your windows yourself, chances are the end product will be less than perfect. Our team of professional window cleaners have all the tools to get your windows sparkling and streak free. 

Health & safety trained team. 

They don’t want to risk aiming for those hard-to-reach windows, so they choose to give this task to an experienced specialist who can take every necessary safety precaution.

Fast & efficient service.

Spending half a day cleaning all your windows might seem like a good way to economise, but many of our clients understand that they could be using this time in better ways – either by focusing on their own work, or relaxing with family over the weekend. 

Our team is trained at window cleaning and can carry out the job much faster and more effectively than you could yourself. Save your time by leaving the job to our team!

Flexible service packages available. 

Whether you want a combined external and internal clean, or just an external clean, we can help. For a perfect finish, you could ask about our most comprehensive package, which includes window frames and window sills.

Our working hours are flexible enough to fit around your schedule. If you’d prefer to get your windows cleaned during the weekend so you don’t have to take time off work, we’d be happy to do that for you.

We’ll also drive anywhere in Mangere East to give you a free, no obligation assessment and quote before you commit to anything. So if you want your windows to be dirt-free, streak-free, and lint-free – without you having to put your own body on the line – you know who to call.

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