Water Blasting

We provide a thorough clean in a fraction of the time.

Scrubbing is backbreaking and often ineffective work. Most people have had the experience of attacking grime with a heavy-duty brush for hours, only to be disappointed by the results. That’s why water blasting – in the hands of a professional – can be the perfect solution for certain types of outdoor surface.

Why bother cleaning at all?

Because outdoor areas are so difficult to clean, it’s tempting to simply abandon them to the elements. This is especially true given how wild New Zealand’s weather can be. When did a few decaying leaves hurt anyone, after all?

Unfortunately, a little bit of rotting debris today will result in a buildup of grime, mould, mildew and algae tomorrow. When this happens, a process of surface degradation begins. The living organisms begin to “eat” the surface they’re growing on, and can eventually cause so much damage that the whole outdoor area needs to be replaced.

To avoid hefty bills for repair or replacement, it’s important to get your outdoor area professionally cleaned every year or two depending on its location and other factors.

Auckland’s water blasting experts can help.

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping Kiwis keep their homes and businesses in excellent condition. Our water blasting expertise covers roofs, driveways, carparks, building exteriors, decks, tennis courts, and more.

Over time, we’ve found that the biggest concern people have about water blasting is its potential for causing damage to the surfaces it’s used on. This anxiety isn’t entirely unfounded. In the hands of someone inexperienced or reckless, high-pressure blasting can indeed cause irreversible damage to certain surfaces. For this reason, we generally use relatively low-pressure hoses, and take extra precautions to ensure the long life of the surfaces we clean.

We’re always happy to chat about how we do things, and we’ll drive anywhere in Auckland to provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment and quote. Contact us today to find out more.

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Client Testimonials

"Endeavour Property Services has done an outstanding job in washing our family home it looks like it has just been freshly painted! Will pass on your details to the neighbours. Also really appreciate the extra efforts in cleaning the front fences too. Thanks guys!"
Kaitlen — House clean
"I recently employed Endeavour Property Services Limited to clean my house in preparation to sell. It is a rather large two story house and they did an excellent job of removing black road grime and algae walls and guttering etc. I would strongly recommend their services as they did a thorough and very cost competitive job."
Robin — House wash
"The product was installed during the past year and for the first time this coming year we are looking forward to having no leaves in our gutters during autumn. We have really appreciated not having to get up ladders this year."
Stephen — Gutter Guard
"Endeavour went the extra mile for me on my house. I gladly and highly recommend them - you will not be disappointed!"
Michael — House Wash
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