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People told you owning a home would be easy. Then the wasps came knocking.

Wasp infestations are the curse of many a homeowner in New Zealand. Hiding away in hard-to-reach parts of your guttering, they come out and strike while you’re going about your daily life. Their colonies can number in the thousands – and unlike bees, a single wasp can usually sting you more than once.

Fortunately, pest control specialists are able to pinpoint the nest and bring a swift end to their domination of your home and garden.

What do I need to know about wasps?

It’s fairly easy to confuse wasps with honey bees. Wasps are less hairy, leaner and nastier-looking, and tend to behave more aggressively. 

Contrary to popular belief, they actually can perform the same useful task of pollination that bees do. But unlike bees, they’re not endangered – so you absolutely don’t need to put up with them.

Wasp stings are very painful, but aren’t life-threatening unless you have an allergy to them. Their nests are formed in spring and grow in size over summer. 

Common locations include drainage systems, garages, sheds and roof spaces. By far the best way to get rid of them is to target the nest itself.

Wasp nest removal

Unless it’s still very early in spring and you own protective gear, we don’t recommend trying to deal with a wasp infestation yourself. If you think wasps are nasty in general, just wait till you try to tamper with the nest they’re biologically wired to protect!

By the end of summer, when they reach their full size, wasp nests are extremely dangerous to remove, and you’ll definitely need to enlist the services of a trained professional.

At EP Services, we tailor our approach depending on the size and type of infestation. In most cases, we shoot a special powder formulation onto the nest, which provokes an explosive reaction from the wasps.

Once the queen is dead, the rest of the colony (including any scouts that return over the next few days) will quickly disintegrate.

It’s not necessary to physically remove the nest, as it will never be reused by other wasps. But if you’d prefer to get rid of it for peace of mind, we’re always happy to do that for you.

Sting before you get stung.

The longer you delay after noticing a wasp nest, the bigger it will become. The pest control specialists at EP Services can help you deal with the infestation once and for all. We comply with all health and safety guidelines and wear full protective gear, so you don’t need to worry about anyone getting hurt on your property.

Not sure if you’re dealing with a wasp problem? Don’t worry: we’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region and assess your property for free.

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