Tennis Court Cleaning

Don’t let moss or algae ruin your rally.

Every sport has a few minimum requirements in order to be enjoyable. Golf needs a well-maintained green and clubs that aren’t crooked. Cricket needs bails that actually fall off when struck. Likewise, to enjoy a game of tennis, it’s important to have a court in good condition. The better the court, the less frustrating it will be for beginners and pros alike.

Lack of cleaning can make a court deteriorate over time.

Whether you run a multi-court tennis club or own a private tarmac court, you’ll find that the mere passing of time causes the surface to degrade. Around 4-5 years after the court is laid, moss and algae can begin to grow so freely that they noticeably interfere with the quality of the game. If this relatively minor problem is ignored, paint may begin to flake and the surface may begin to break down as these living organisms “eat” it.

The best way to avoid this problem is by arranging for the court to be professionally cleaned. Depending on the court’s age, location, amount of shade, and other factors, it should be cleaned every 12-18 months on average. This will prolong the life of the surface, and avoid the enormous costs associated with repair or replacement.

We can help.

EP Services has been cleaning tennis courts in the Auckland region for more than ten years. Our expertise extends to all of the major surfaces, both hard and soft. We’re equipped with professional cleaning tools that ensure an effective clean, but don’t risk damaging the court.

Our eco-friendly solutions are tailored to the amount of moss buildup or deterioration present. So whether you simply want to arrange a regular clean, or desperately need a corrective for a court that’s in awful condition, we would be happy to help.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us today to get your tennis court looking as good as new!


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"The product was installed during the past year and for the first time this coming year we are looking forward to having no leaves in our gutters during autumn. We have really appreciated not having to get up ladders this year."
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"Endeavour went the extra mile for me on my house. I gladly and highly recommend them - you will not be disappointed!"
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"I recently employed Endeavour Property Services Limited to clean my house in preparation to sell. It is a rather large two story house and they did an excellent job of removing black road grime and algae walls and guttering etc. I would strongly recommend their services as they did a thorough and very cost competitive job."
Robin — House wash
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