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Our philosophy is simple.

We believe you have better things to do than scrub mildew off your driveway or inspect your mattress for bed bugs.

If a professional could complete these tedious and difficult tasks for you, you’d have more time for what matters, be it relaxing with family or working on your own projects.

So we want to take these annoying responsibilities off your hands. Whether you need gutter cleaning, house washing, rodent control, or something else, our dedicated team of specialists is here to help.

You’ll appreciate our straightforward approach.

In New Zealand, far too many people in this industry tend to behave a bit like cowboys. Many of our clients have been frustrated in the past by unprofessional contractors who leave a mess, charge unfair prices, extort unnecessary services, or take dangerous risks with the property they’re working on.

We strongly believe in doing things differently. In the long run, it’s far better to do a great job at a fair price and earn the trust of our clients, than it is to make a few quick bucks. It’s for this reason that most of our success is based on repeat work and referrals, rather than constantly searching for new customers. 

We’re proud of our reputation as Auckland’s most reliable property services company.

So what can you expect from working with us?


You shouldn’t have to take time off work for an appointment with us. We’re available after hours and in the weekends – whenever suits you.


All of our quotes are tailored to your needs. Before signing up for anything, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.


We never rush jobs, or compromise on quality. We want you to be so satisfied with our service that you’ll choose us again in the future.


We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region, inspect your property, and provide you with a verbal report and quote at no cost to you.

Are you a business owner or property manager?

If you own a business or manage a property portfolio, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialised commercial services are designed to handle all those aspects of property management you don’t have time for yourself. We can help with commercial building washing, window cleaning, carpark cleaning, and more.

Don’t struggle with dubious DIY methods or ineffective store-bought equipment any longer. Chat with us today about how we can take some of the burden of property maintenance off your shoulders.

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We’re here to help.

Our experienced team is ready to help with all your cleaning and pest control needs.

To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us using the form on the right or give us a call at 0800 669 496.

We’re always happy to talk, even if you’re not exactly sure what services you need. We’ll also drive anywhere in the Auckland region to inspect your property, discuss your needs, and come up with a quote. 

We do all this at no cost to you – and we’ll never pressure you into signing up for something you’re not sure about. After all, it’s our reputation for honesty and frankness that keeps our clients coming back.

Get in touch today to arrange your free assessment and quote.

Head Office Address:

15 Accent Drive, East Tamaki, Manukau, Auckland, 2013

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Exterior and Spouting Cleaning Auckland

Exterior Cleaning Services, Auckland Wide

Most people who care about their property will go to great lengths to keep it tidy on the inside. But it’s the outside of your home or business that makes the first impression.

Clogged gutters, a mildew-covered roof, filthy walls, or a driveway covered in petrol stains not only look awful; they also compromise the ability of your property to withstand New Zealand’s wild weather, and can pose a serious health risk.

We offer comprehensive exterior cleaning services to help you solve this problem. Our experienced and fully-equipped cleaners do the tough jobs so you don’t have to.

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Pest Control Auckland

Bed bugs, ants, rats and cockroaches aren’t the nicest creatures to share your bed with. Unfortunately, once they’ve infested your house, they’re extremely tricky to get rid of on your own. 

DIY pest control methods and store-bought chemicals not only regularly fail to treat the infestation at its core, but can also endanger the health of your family and your pets.

We can help. We offer a full range of professional pest control services. Our technicians tailor their approach to your specific situation, and the pet-friendly chemicals we use combine safety with effectiveness.

Our residential pest control service not only includes the riddance of any pests from your home but we will also:

• Provide you with the necessary info on the procedures and products we will be using on your home. 

• Give you adequate notice prior to action plus an expected outcome. 

• Guarantee minimal disruption to your house and family. 

• Answer any queries you may have on our services and what they entail – we’re only too happy to chat!

Here at Endeavour Pest Control Auckland, we offer the above residential service for the following pests:

Spiders, mosquitoes, silverfish, ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, wasps, moths, rats and mice and all general household pests.

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Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Everyone has an opinion about the best way to clean carpets. We have the answer.

You’re probably reading this for one of two reasons. Either you just spilled tomato sauce, curry, red wine, or some other terrifying substance on your carpet – or you want to arrange a general clean to get it looking new again.

Whether your problem is specific or you just want to schedule a regular clean, our team of carpet cleaning specialists can help.

Unsuitable methods can worsen the mess.

A lot of our clients come to us with very unhappy stories. Not only have they tried everything to remove a stain – they’ve also had run-ins with other cleaning companies that failed to deliver. 

Shoddy service by inexperienced carpet cleaners can make the problem worse, either because certain chemicals react with other chemicals that have already been used, or because excessive soaking causes mildew to develop. Improper use of heavy-duty cleaning equipment can wreak havoc on your carpets in no time.

Although natural home remedies like water and salt can reduce some stains, the results are only superficial. Even over-the-counter chemicals and DIY carpet cleaning machines tend to be either ineffective or to make things worse.

What we do

Our vans are fully equipped with all the tools necessary to deal with the most horrendous stains – and our cleaning specialists know how to use them.

The first and arguably most important step we take is to fully assess the situation, and make sure nothing we do will cause further problems. 

Depending on the type of cleaning required, we might use industrial vacuums, steam cleaners, carpet shampoo machines, or various industrial-grade cleaning solutions. The style and condition of the carpet also informs the solution we end up going with.

Because we target our response to match the original problem, even the most serious disasters are beatable. Mud, red wine stains, cat hair, and dog poo are just a few of the things we overcome on a daily basis.

We get these great results without risking damage to your carpets. And we use non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, so you don’t need to worry about your children or pets being affected.

The sooner you act, the better the results will be.

Some stains become much more difficult to clean if too much time passes. That’s why it’s important to arrange a professional assessment as soon as possible after an accident.

It’s also a good idea to clean your carpet regularly in order to keep it free from microscopic dirt, dust, mites, pet hair, and other harmful pollutants and allergens. A professional clean once or twice a year, combined with normal vacuuming, is usually enough.

As a courtesy for our clients, we’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to carry out a free assessment and provide a no-obligation quote. So whether you’re worried about a stain or just need to arrange a routine carpet clean.

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Cleaning the gutters is a chore. We have a team in Auckland that can do it for you!

Getting your gutters professionally cleaned is one of the most important things you can do to keep your property in good condition.

As we explained in this article, regularly inspecting and cleaning your gutters will protect you from a raft of expensive problems.

It doesn’t take much to block a gutter – just a few rotting leaves is enough – and the consequences are often terrible. 

A flooded gutter can cause your roof to leak, and it sometimes forces you to replace the roof altogether. It also encourages mould infiltration inside your home. If water isn’t effectively carried away from your foundation by downspouts, it may eventually damage the foundation, cause wood siding to rot, or flood your basement.

For these reasons, scheduling regular gutter inspections is a bit like brushing your teeth. It’s a bit annoying, and it’s tempting not to think about it – but once you’re in the habit of doing it, it’ll save you from hefty repair bills and anxiety in the long run.

Why choose us?

The team at EP Services are Auckland’s dedicated gutter cleaning specialists. We’ve been helping Kiwis with their gutters for more than ten years, and we’ve seen everything there is to see in this region.

As we built up our experience and expertise over time, we learned that every home or business requires a uniquely tailored solution. 

It’s not enough to offer a one-size-fits-all approach to guttering. Contractors who don’t think carefully about your individual needs are one of the main reasons so many gutters in New Zealand are poorly installed, or use cheap materials that don’t stand up to our wild weather.

Your property needs a considered solution that withstands the worst wind, hail, and tree debris this country will throw at it.

What you can expect from us

The first step is to give us a call, or contact us using the form below.After you get in touch, one of our specialists will happily drive anywhere in the Auckland region to come and inspect your property. 

We believe that you should have a very clear idea of what you’re signing up for before committing to anything – so we’ll carry out this inspection, and provide you with a quote, all at no cost to you.

Once we’ve checked the condition of your gutters, we’ll advise you on the best ways to care for your system and protect it from blockage and disrepair.

If there’s already a problem with it, we’ll offer to deal with it for you on the spot, or to come back later if more extensive repairs are required. As part of our service, we always remove any debris we clear.

Most of our clients, when they see they’ve finally found a reliable contractor, choose to arrange regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. This often takes place about twice a year, particularly during the crucial transition from autumn to winter when many trees have lost their leaves.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, contact us today. We’re always happy to chat.

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Roof Cleaning Auckland - Moss and Mould Treatment and Protection

Unless you own a castle, moss and lichen only subtracts from the overall appearance of your home.

If you don’t want to look like you’re still living in the twelfth century, it’s essential to keep your roof clean and in good condition. 

Even the most dedicated homeowners tend to neglect their roofs: they focus their efforts on the interior and the garden, and perhaps even the walls and windows – but the thought of climbing up on a roof and using professional cleaning equipment understandably gives them pause.

This is a shame, because your roof is one of the first things people notice about your house. It’s also the part of your house that’s most exposed to the elements, most likely to get damaged through lack of care, and it’s one of the most expensive parts to repair or replace.

To keep your roof in tip-top shape, it’s often best to enlist the services of a roof cleaning specialist.

How we can help

For more than ten years, we’ve been cleaning roofs across New Zealand – and we’d love to help with yours too.

Our concern for health & safety doesn’t just protect our contractors; it also means that we take extra precautions to avoid damaging your roof while we’re up there cleaning it.

Certain roofing materials (such as shingles) are quite brittle and certainly not designed to be walked upon carelessly or sprayed with high-pressure hoses. We always inspect and assess your roof before taking any action. 

We also use low-pressure equipment to apply a purpose-built cleaning solution, which gradually and safely removes moss and lichen from your roof. This way, you can be sure that the only thing we’ll remove is the dirt and algae on your roof – not the roof itself!

But is cleaning your roof really necessary?

As we noted above, many homeowners choose to ignore their roof altogether. This can be fine for the first few years of its life (which is not the case with gutters, but as the seasons pass, more and more moss and lichen will begin to build up. 

Apart from being very unsightly, it also compromises the ability of your roof to perform its function.

Things like algae and lichen are living organisms, and they need food to survive. Unfortunately, the reason they grow on your roof in the first place is because they can eat it. 

Over time, their voracious appetite causes shingle degradation and other problems, which in turn results in wood rot. Very quickly, this will create leaks and encourage mould growth inside your home, increasing the risk of airborne infections.

Don’t leave roof cleaning till its too late. Tackle the problem now to avoid paying for premature reroofing in a few years’ time. Cleaning your roof regularly will keep it looking brand new, without the massive cost involved in actually getting a new roof.

Our roof cleaning experts will drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free inspection and quote. Contact us today to find out more.

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House Washing Auckland

Anyone can vacuum a living room, but washing the exterior of your house often requires specialist equipment and expertise.

New Zealand’s hot summers, damp winters and frequent tropical cyclones can make a mess of the most well-designed exteriors. Unfortunately, the facade of your house is what makes the strongest impression on visitors and neighbours. More than that, a poorly maintained exterior sometimes leads to structural damage.

The good news is that professional house washers can get your walls, windows and outdoor area looking as good as new – without you having to lift a finger.

Why do houses get dirty?

No matter what sort of material your house is made of, it’s an unpleasant fact that it’ll begin to get dirty and deteriorate over time. This isn’t your fault. Air pollution, persistent rain, lack of sun – even too much sun – can all cause problems. 

Some of the most common issues we see are timber discolouration due to heavy UV and rain exposure (especially common in Kiwi baches), and brickwork that becomes green with algae, moss, or vanadium stains.

Concrete, stucco, stone, and steel all come with their own problems too – and each requires a tailored strategy to deal with it as effectively as possible.

We can help.

For more than ten years, we’ve been Auckland’s leading house washing specialists.

Over time, our approach to house washing has developed from “good enough” to “exceeding expectations”. Though we always draw on a vast pool of experience, we pride ourselves on treating each house as a totally unique challenge. It’s not enough to apply a one-size-fits-all method to different types of houses.

We begin by carefully inspecting your property for hazards, and making sure that nothing in our approach will cause any damage. Our special focus on health & safety is one of the thing our clients most appreciate about how we do things.

After we’ve finished this inspection, we’ll come up with a tailored treatment plan for your property. Once you give your approval, we’ll get to work – using our environmentally friendly citrus-based detergent to loosen up grime, then using a soft wash to remove it. 

We take special care not to damage things like flower pots, decorations, and paintwork. Because some windows tend to leak, we’re also very careful when cleaning around window frames.

Our service is thorough – we clean everything between the tip of the spouting and the base of the house – and we’re also happy to tackle things like driveways, decks, and fencing.

Regular cleaning will improve the lifespan and appearance of your paintwork, and help you make a fantastic first impression on visitors or prospective house buyers. It’s also important to get your exterior cleaned before you apply a new coat of paint.

Still unsure? We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region and provide you with a free, no-obligation inspection and quote so you know exactly what to expect from working with us.

Contact us today for your free inspection and quote.

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Driveway, Path & House Washing Auckland

Does your driveway reflect the true value of your house?

Is your front path completely hidden by grass growing between the cracks? Your brick carpark so green with moss that you sometimes slip over when it rains? Your driveway so filthy with petrol grease that you’d think twice about lighting a match over it?

Even if you’re suffering from relatively minor versions of these problems, they can make a mockery of your efforts to keep other parts of your house clean. Along with your house’s exterior, your driveway and path are the first things that prospective buyers and other visitors notice on arrival – so it’s absolutely vital not to ignore them.

How to care for your driveway and path

Prevention is much better than a cure. If you don’t pay any attention to your driveway and path, they’ll deteriorate over the years, and you may eventually need to get them replaced altogether.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to slow down or stop the process that leads to replacement:

Sweep your driveway regularly.

If your driveway is covered with rotting leaves and other debris, this will stimulate growth of lichen and moss. Damp conditions tend to make things worse – so sweep away debris whenever you get the chance, especially during rainy months.

Use weed killer to get rid of pesky growth. 

Pulling weeds out by hand can be a time-consuming and thankless task, as weeds tend to regrow very quickly in New Zealand’s climate. 

If you have the right gear and knowledge, periodically applying weed killer along the edges of your driveway and path can reduce weed growth for months. This in turn will make the “ideal condition” of your driveway last longer.

Get a professional clean. 

Even with the best DIY care, outdoor areas are one part of your house that’ll eventually need professional treatment. Petrol stains, tyre marks, and moss are difficult to avoid forever. When the situation starts to get ugly, it’s time to get in touch with a specialist driveway cleaner.

We’re here to help.

The team at EP Services has a lot of experience with different kinds of New Zealand driveways. We’ve cleaned everything from concrete, brick, and paving slabs to beautiful natural stone, asphalt, and more. Our dedicated cleaners are fully equipped to deal with the worst grime you can throw at them.

Our method

We use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, which removes grime without causing any driveway erosion or harm to your garden plants. 

And unlike some cowboy handymen, who blast everything with high-pressure hoses, we use a variable pressure wash that gets the same great results without any risk of damage.

It’s often hard to know exactly what you want before you’ve actually spoken to a specialist and listened to their advice. We’ll happily drive anywhere in the Auckland region, inspect your property, and give you a quote – all at no cost or obligation to you. 

The regular clients who keep coming back to us do so because they know we have their best interests at heart.

Don’t let your driveway be an eyesore. Contact our team today for your free assessment and quote.

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Deck, Fence & Window Cleaning Auckland

Decks and fences are especially vulnerable to New Zealand’s wild weather.

Most residential decks and fences in this country are made of wood, which looks great at its best, but easily succumbs to our heavy rainfall and blistering sunshine. Without proper care and regular cleaning, the most beautifully crafted deck will quickly become an awful mess of moss, grime, and wood-rot.

This doesn’t have to happen to you. 

You don’t need to be a helpless victim in the endless cycle of deck installation and replacement. If you care for your deck and fences regularly – much as you might care for a cherished car – then you can significantly prolong their lifespan.

Regular cleaning will save you money in the long run.

Whether your deck and fences are stained, painted, or built of something other than wood, there are steps you can take to help them withstand the forces of nature for longer.

Sweep your deck regularly. 

If you live in an area with lots of trees, you’ll probably find that rotting leaves, strips of eucalyptus bark and other debris begins to build up over time. 

Rather than simply letting this happen, you should sweep your deck as often as possible – especially during the rainy months, when mildew growth and wood-rot are more common. Try using a putty knife to get between the cracks.

Ensure that the wood is fully sealed. 

Even if your wood is stained or painted, it’s often a good idea to apply sealant for extra protection. Using a high-quality sealant will protect the wood from the harshest elements and reduce mildew growth. Unless you’re confident doing this yourself, it’s generally best to get an expert to do it for you.

Enlist the help of a professional cleaner.

The irreversible decay of your deck and fence can be nipped in the bud through regular professional cleaning. Trained specialists, equipped with the right tools and expertise, can dramatically improve the appearance of your outdoor area while avoiding the pitfalls that come with heavy-duty equipment.

We can give your deck, fence and windows a complete makeover.

The experienced team at EP Services has been working on Kiwi properties for more than ten years. We’ve learned that a tailored approach to each house is the best way to ensure great results. 

Many of our clients have had issues in the past with cowboy contractors, who turn up loaded with toxic chemicals and high-pressure hoses. They’re the last people you should invite onto your property.

Our philosophy is more considered and careful, without losing sight of the end result. We use eco-friendly chemicals, and a variable pressure wash that won’t strip away paint or varnish. 

If you combine this with our driveway and path service, and our house washing service, we can get the exterior of your property in terrific condition. 

We also take preventative measures that’ll help everything withstand future weathering – so you can rest easy whenever storms batter the country.

For a free assessment and quote anywhere in the Auckland region, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Wasp And Pest Control Auckland

People told you owning a home would be easy. Then the wasps came knocking.

Wasp infestations are the curse of many a homeowner in New Zealand. Hiding away in hard-to-reach parts of your guttering, they come out and strike while you’re going about your daily life. Their colonies can number in the thousands – and unlike bees, a single wasp can usually sting you more than once.

Fortunately, pest control specialists are able to pinpoint the nest and bring a swift end to their domination of your home and garden.

What do I need to know about wasps?

It’s fairly easy to confuse wasps with honey bees. Wasps are less hairy, leaner and nastier-looking, and tend to behave more aggressively. 

Contrary to popular belief, they actually can perform the same useful task of pollination that bees do. But unlike bees, they’re not endangered – so you absolutely don’t need to put up with them.

Wasp stings are very painful, but aren’t life-threatening unless you have an allergy to them. Their nests are formed in spring and grow in size over summer. 

Common locations include drainage systems, garages, sheds and roof spaces. By far the best way to get rid of them is to target the nest itself.

Wasp nest removal

Unless it’s still very early in spring and you own protective gear, we don’t recommend trying to deal with a wasp infestation yourself. If you think wasps are nasty in general, just wait till you try to tamper with the nest they’re biologically wired to protect!

By the end of summer, when they reach their full size, wasp nests are extremely dangerous to remove, and you’ll definitely need to enlist the services of a trained professional.

At EP Services, we tailor our approach depending on the size and type of infestation. In most cases, we shoot a special powder formulation onto the nest, which provokes an explosive reaction from the wasps.

Once the queen is dead, the rest of the colony (including any scouts that return over the next few days) will quickly disintegrate.

It’s not necessary to physically remove the nest, as it will never be reused by other wasps. But if you’d prefer to get rid of it for peace of mind, we’re always happy to do that for you.

Sting before you get stung.

The longer you delay after noticing a wasp nest, the bigger it will become. The pest control specialists at EP Services can help you deal with the infestation once and for all. We comply with all health and safety guidelines and wear full protective gear, so you don’t need to worry about anyone getting hurt on your property.

Not sure if you’re dealing with a wasp problem? Don’t worry: we’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region and assess your property for free.

Contact us today to arrange your free assessment and quote.

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Cockroach Pest Control Auckland

Imagine you just grabbed a towel to dry your face after a shower. Now imagine there’s a cockroach hiding in it.

A surprisingly large number of people find out about a cockroach infestation only when this sort of thing happens to them. The usual response, understandably, is to kill the intruder. But where you find one cockroach, you’ll almost certainly find others – and it can be very difficult to get rid of the infestation completely. It often turns into a frustrating and endless game of whack-a-mole.

Besides getting your mornings off to a bad start, cockroaches also pose a serious health risk. Because of their unhygienic habits, they’re exposed to a range of dangerous pathogens that humans don’t normally encounter. They can harbour diseases like salmonella, typhoid, cholera and dysentery. They can also trigger asthma attacks.

Even if you literally tread carefully and manage to avoid all direct contact with cockroaches, many of the diseases they carry can be transmitted through their droppings and vomit. Lovely!

Why DIY methods don’t work

Nobody should have to put up with a cockroach infestation. But all too often, people rely on questionable DIY methods that fail to eliminate it. 

Home remedies like lemon, coffee grounds, and fabric softener either don’t work at all, or only affect adult cockroaches that are crawling around in the open. Hidden cockroaches and their babies will survive, causing you further issues in the near future.

Don’t let cockroaches off the hook any longer.

Enlisting the help of a pest control professional is the best way to deal with a cockroach problem once and for all.

At EP Services, we’ve turned our hatred of cockroaches into a career. After identifying where the infestation is located, our experienced specialists will make sure they eliminate all of the cockroaches on your property – not just the ones hiding in plain sight. 

Our methods vary depending on the nature and scale of the problem, but we always respect health and safety guidelines and our solutions are safe for humans and pets. When your house is cockroach-free, we’ll give you prevention advice so you can avoid similar problems in the future.

Are cockroaches ruining your business?

If you own a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment that deals with food, a cockroach infestation can ruin your reputation and breach New Zealand food safety laws. Don’t let a single customer lay eyes on those nasty cockroaches; contact us today and we’ll get the problem sorted for you in no time.

We recognise the seriousness of a cockroach infestation, and we’ll do our best to reach your property as soon as possible after hearing from you. 

We’ll also drive anywhere in the Auckland region to give you a free assessment and quote before you commit to anything. So don’t put up with this living nightmare any longer – contact us for a quick, safe, and effective solution.

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Professional Fly and Pest Control Auckland

Saying “shoo fly” only achieves so much. Professional pest control can tackle your fly problem once and for all.

We’ve all been there. Childhood in New Zealand wouldn’t have been quite the same without the rolled-up newspaper cudgels, the plates of food covered with tea towels, and the bits of dead fly all over the floor and windowsills.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with that status quo any longer. Pest control specialists can take your counter-fly efforts up a notch, providing long-lasting relief from those extremely dirty insects.

When do house flies become a problem?

A fly here and there never hurt anyone. But in warmer parts of the country, particularly during the summer months, flies can multiply so quickly that they begin to interfere with your life. 

They land on your food while you’re eating and annoy your guests. Because they visit all sorts of unclean places, they pose a serious health risk to humans and pets. You may even come across things like maggots in your fruit bowl.

It’s not just residential areas that are affected. Restaurants, cafes and other businesses often suffer badly from fly infestations too. This can be a real problem, because it gives customers a bad impression of the establishment’s hygiene standards even though you might be making every effort to keep the place clean.

How to get rid of flies

If there are only a handful of flies living in your house, the usual electric fly swatters (or newspapers) may be enough to keep them under control. But for larger infestations, you’ll need to direct your line of attack towards the breeding site itself.

The most effective way to do this is with purpose-built fly sprays and other treatments. These are best used in the hands of a professional, with a knowledge of fly breeding habits and health & safety guidelines.

Suffering from an infestation?

We can help. After identifying the exact species of fly, our pest control specialists will adapt their method to fit the problem. 

Although we’re relentless in our war on flies, we also make sure that our treatment is as safe as it is effective. Nobody should have to compromise the wellbeing of their family or pets in order to deal with a fly infestation.

Attack is the best form of defence. Rather than waiting for your fly situation to get out of hand, why not take preventative measures to reduce the chances of an infestation? The experienced team at EP Services can advise you on the best strategy to keep flies away in the future.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to give you a free assessment and quote before you commit to anything. So if you’re worried about the number of flies that have set up a colony in your home or business, give us a call today.

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Professional Ant and Pest Control Auckland

Ants belong outdoors. Sometimes they need to be reminded of that fact.

Few things make people’s hearts sink like coming home to find a long trail of ants leading into the kitchen cupboards. No home or business is perfectly insulated against the outdoors, and occasionally ants from the garden will decide that your living area offers brighter opportunities than the world at large.

Some infestations are small and opportunistic. A stray scout might have discovered a dead cockroach, for example, and her colony will disappear again as soon as they’ve removed its carcass. 

Other ant problems last longer, but are small and concentrated enough for you to more or less treat them with DIY techniques.

But all too often, ants bring their suitcases with them and take up residence in your house. Over-the-counter treatments like ant bait fail to get rid of them, and nothing else seems to work. 

Your kitchen becomes subject to unwelcome hordes, which crawl all over your food and even bite your feet if you get too close. Understandably, this very quickly drives people mad.

Don’t let ants ruin your day.

Even if you’re only suffering from a small infestation, it’s important to treat it quickly and effectively. Ant colonies can grow in size with astonishing speed – especially if they’re Pharaoh ants – and they become harder to eliminate as they become more established.

Rather than placing ant poison in a few nooks and crannies and blindly hoping for the best, consider asking a pest control specialist to help you deal with the problem. 

They’re specially trained to identify the exact species of ant, as well as the scale of the infestation and where it originated from. On this basis, the specialist can come up with a targeted strategy that doesn’t just kill lots of ants – it kills every last one of them, and puts an end to the colony.

The team at EP Services has been helping Kiwis with ant infestations for more than ten years. New Zealand conditions bring a unique set of problems and considerations, and every building requires a different approach if the ants are to be successfully eliminated. 

We avoid the one-size-fits-all treatments that many contractors offer, preferring instead to come up with a solution that’s tailored to you.

Our ant control methods comply with all health and safety standards, and we go above and beyond to ensure that only the ants are harmed.

Are ants invading your business?

If you own a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment that deals with food, an ant infestation can ruin your reputation. Don’t let a single customer lay eyes on that nasty ant trail; contact us today and we’ll get it sorted for you in no time.

To arrange a free inspection and quote anywhere in Auckland, give our team a call today.

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Rat and Mice Solutions

Rats and mice carry nasty diseases. You should eliminate this health risk as soon as possible.

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where mouse and rat infestations are increasingly uncommon. Better hygiene standards and improved building quality mean that we no longer have to take it for granted that rodents will share our homes or businesses.

But sometimes they insist on reminding us of their existence. They might announce this by biting you while you sleep; by scuttling across your bedroom floor and into some dark recess behind your wardrobe; or by leaving mysterious chew marks in the apple pie you left on the windowsill.

Don’t ignore rodents – because they certainly won’t ignore you.

It’s an easy mistake to make. You notice the signs of a rat’s presence, so you deploy a trap. Days pass and nothing happens. The signs of infestation continue, but it’s not affecting you very much – so you simply ignore it and go on with your life.

This lack of response is dangerous. Rats and mice often carry diseases, which they spread to humans via their droppings or urine. Leptospirosis and salmonellosis are two of the most common ones, but the most famous example is of course the bubonic plague, or Black Death, which ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages. 

Ticks, fleas, and lice also love to ride around in the hair of rats, often jumping off and colonising various parts of your house as soon as they get the chance.

Because rats gnaw constantly to sharpen their teeth, they frequently damage pipes, insulation, skirting boards, wooden furniture, and other parts of your property.

We can help.

The pest control team at EP Services has been dealing with rat and mouse infestations for more than ten years, and we’re fully equipped to weed out even the most cunning rodents.

When we visit your property, the first thing we’ll do is conduct a careful assessment to identify which type of rodent is giving you grief. Based on what we find, we’ll come up with a targeted solution that eradicates the pests quickly and effectively. 

We use methods which are entirely safe for you and your pets.

Crucially, we can also help you prevent future infestations. We promise that by the time we’re finished, you’ll be able to put your feet on the ground without having to worry about something crawling over them.

Are rodents messing with your business?

If you own a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment that deals with food, rodents can ruin your reputation. Nothing leaves a more bitter taste in a customer’s mouth than the sight of a rat. Avoid negative reviews; contact us today and we’ll get your rodent problem sorted for you in no time.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free rodent control assessment and quote.

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Drain Unblocking Auckland

Drains are supposed to drain – yet blockages are all too common. EPS can get them flowing again in no time.

Picture this: you look out your window one rainy evening, only to realise that your garden and driveway are flooding. It’s a nightmare – and because the causes of drain blockage are often invisible, it can leave you feeling helpless.

Auckland homeowners already have enough on their plate without having to worry about blocked drains. That’s where we step in. 

Our specialist drain cleaners can come and assess the scale of the problem, identify the cause, and give you a straightforward quote for the work required. In nearly all cases, we can unblock your drains for you on the spot.

Our process 

Our vans are fully kitted out with a range of specialised equipment that allows us to tackle even the most difficult jobs.

Generally, we clear blocked drains with either hydrojets, rigid drain cleaners, or vacuum pumps. Hydrojets are best for clearing blocked stormwater drains, while a rigid drain cleaner is usually most effective for sewerage systems.

The hydrojet is one of our most advanced tools. It’s a special type of flexible hose, which we expertly guide down the length of the stormwater drain until it reaches the source of blockage. Depending on the type of blockage we encounter (e.g. tree roots or clogged soil), we’ll use a nozzle designed specifically for that problem.

The water flow from the hydrojet emerges at such an extremely high pressure that it can literally cut through debris deposits and even small tree roots. As a result, it’s often possible to resolve the problem completely without having to open up the drain.

Our various hydrojets are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.   Our technicians are also highly skilled in the use of CCTV cameras. 

Our CCTV surveys give a clear picture of what’s going on deep inside the drain, allowing us to discover the actual cause of the blockage. For this reason, our solutions are never just a temporary fix. We make a full diagnosis of the root cause and deal with it immediately.

Why choose us?

We’ve been doing this for more than ten years, and we’ve seen almost everything there is to see when it comes to blocked drains. We like a challenge; the most tricky and urgent jobs are our favourite, because we get to put all our accumulated skills to the test.

We also pride ourselves on doing the job thoroughly, and giving you great value for money. Besides running tests after we finish to ensure that your drains are fully unblocked, we’ll advise you on the cause of the problem, and how to avoid similar issues in the future. 

We’ll also give you a clear and reasonable quote before you commit to any of our services. You’ll never have to worry about how much the job will cost.

So if your drains are giving you grief, contact us today for a free assessment and quote. We’re always ready to help.

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Roofing & Spouting Services

Food, water, and a roof over one’s head: the basic necessities of life seem fairly simple at first glance.

Unfortunately, a roof isn’t something you can afford to only think about once. Only with regular professional maintenance can you avoid the numerous problems that crop up over time, such as mould, mildew, leaks, and broken gutters.

We offer a range of roofing services designed to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Our local expertise means that even the harshest New Zealand conditions are accounted for. So if you’re in need of roof repairs, gutter repairs, or spouting installation, you’ve come to the right place.

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Roof Repairs, Restoration & Treatment Experts

Along with food and water, a “roof over your head” is one of the basic necessities of life.

Most people in the Auckland region are fortunate enough to have one – but all too many houses in New Zealand are plagued by mysterious leaks, and their occupants constantly dread the arrival of rain or wind.

There are many possible causes of roof damage. Heavy wind or hail, a buildup of leaves or other debris in your gutters, blocked downpipes, and even too much sun, can all spoil your roof and cause rainwater to drip through. 

The most common issues can be avoided with regular gutter cleaning, but if it’s already too late for that, you might need to get someone in to fix your roof.

The team at EP Services is fully equipped to inspect and repair roofs, both residential and commercial. 

More than ten years of experience in Auckland conditions, and a lot of acquired expertise, helps us find a solution that will keep your roof in excellent shape for years to come.

Besides identifying the root of the problem, we’ll give you advice on how best to avoid similar issues in the future. 

We believe that leaky roofs aren’t something you should have to worry about on top of everything else life can throw at you. Your family should always be warm and dry at home.

If you’re suffering from a damaged roof and want to get it fixed as soon as possible, contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection and quote.

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Gutter & Spouting Installation Auckland

Without suitable spouting, the lifespan of your home’s cladding and windows will be drastically reduced.

Whether you’re putting the final touches on a new home, or maintaining an old one, it’s vital that you install a high-quality guttering and spouting system.

Although it’s sometimes tempting to cut corners when you get spouting installed, it’s essentially as important to your house as your skin is to your body. Without it, rainwater will accumulate around the foundation of your house, damage the cladding, and potentially result in basement flooding or roof leaks. 

The type of materials used in the spouting – and the skill of the person who installs it – both make a difference to its overall effectiveness and longevity.

The friendly and professional team at EP Services is ready to help with all your guttering and spouting needs. We’re equipped and trained for every type of residential and commercial property, and we always take your colour scheme, physical surroundings, and budget into account.

It’s never pleasant to commit to something you’re not sure about. For that reason, we’re willing to drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free, no obligation inspection and quote.

So if you’re in need of high-quality spouting at a fair price, contact us today.

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Gutter & Spouting Repair Service

Gutters are not something anyone should have to worry about.

Ideally, they’re a bit like gravity: they’re necessary for your existence, but you can live your life without paying much attention to how important they are.

Sadly, gutters can – and do – become a problem. Besides getting blocked by dead leaves or infested with pests, they sometimes fall into disrepair or become damaged due to lack of regular cleaning.

Because they’re an integral part of your home, it's important to get them fixed as soon as possible. If you ignore the problem, water can accumulate around your foundation, causing damage to wood and brick siding, undermining your house, and even flooding your basement.

Our dedicated team at EP Services has been fixing gutters for more than ten years. No matter the type of gutter, or the type of damage – we’ve seen and fixed it all. Some of the most common issues we deal with are sagging gutters, split downspouts, and leaky seams. 

Often we’re able to patch things up quite quickly for you, while in other cases it’s necessary to replace a heavily damaged system with a new one.

Whatever the cause of your troubles, we’re always just a phone call away. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation assessment and quote.

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Window Cleaning Auckland

It’s one thing to wipe the insides of your windows. It’s quite another to clean them on the outside.

Window cleaning is the kind of job most people don’t give much thought to, until one day they suddenly realise how filthy their windows have become. This often presents a problem. 

Most dirty marks tend to be on the outside of windows, and New Zealand’s huge number of two-storey houses means that cleaning them safely and effectively is impossible for even the most dedicated homeowner.

Interested in commercial window cleaning? Find out more here.

Do I need a professional window cleaner?

It depends on your house, the state of your health, and how much time and energy you’re willing to spend on what can often be a frustrating task when it’s not done with professional equipment.

Window cleaning is a bit like washing a roof. In theory, anyone can do it. But not many people feel great about the idea of clambering up on a roof, and not many know how to do the job safely and effectively. And it’s the same with windows. 

Even one-storey houses often require a good deal of agility for a thorough clean from top to bottom.

There are three common reasons people ask us for help:

They’re concerned about quality. 

They want the job to be done extremely well, either for their own satisfaction or to make a great impression on visitors and prospective buyers.

They’re concerned about safety. 

They don’t want to risk aiming for those hard-to-reach windows, so they choose to give this task to an experienced specialist who can take every necessary safety precaution.

They have better things to do. 

Spending half a day cleaning all your windows might seem like a good way to economise, but many of our clients understand that they could be using this time in better ways – either by focusing on their own work, or relaxing with family over the weekend.

We offer window cleaning services that fit your needs and your schedule.

Whether you want a combined external and internal clean, or just an external clean, we can help. For a perfect finish, you could ask about our most comprehensive package, which includes window frames and window sills.

Our working hours are flexible enough to fit around your schedule. If you’d prefer to get your windows cleaned during the weekend so you don’t have to take time off work, we’d be happy to do that for you.

We’ll also drive anywhere in the Auckland region to give you a free, no obligation assessment and quote before you commit to anything. So if you want your windows to be dirt-free, streak-free, and lint-free – without you having to put your own body on the line – you know who to call.

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Water Blasting

We provide a thorough clean in a fraction of the time.

Scrubbing is backbreaking and often ineffective work. Most people have had the experience of attacking grime with a heavy-duty brush for hours, only to be disappointed by the results. That’s why water blasting – in the hands of a professional – can be the perfect solution for certain types of outdoor surface.

Why bother cleaning at all?

Because outdoor areas are so difficult to clean, it’s tempting to simply abandon them to the elements. This is especially true given how wild New Zealand’s weather can be. When did a few decaying leaves hurt anyone, after all?

Unfortunately, a little bit of rotting debris today will result in a buildup of grime, mould, mildew and algae tomorrow. When this happens, a process of surface degradation begins. The living organisms begin to “eat” the surface they’re growing on, and can eventually cause so much damage that the whole outdoor area needs to be replaced.

To avoid hefty bills for repair or replacement, it’s important to get your outdoor area professionally cleaned every year or two depending on its location and other factors.

Auckland’s water blasting experts can help.

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping Kiwis keep their homes and businesses in excellent condition. Our water blasting expertise covers roofs, driveways, carparks, building exteriors, decks, tennis courts, and more.

Over time, we’ve found that the biggest concern people have about water blasting is its potential for causing damage to the surfaces it’s used on. This anxiety isn’t entirely unfounded. In the hands of someone inexperienced or reckless, high-pressure blasting can indeed cause irreversible damage to certain surfaces. For this reason, we generally use relatively low-pressure hoses, and take extra precautions to ensure the long life of the surfaces we clean.

We’re always happy to chat about how we do things, and we’ll drive anywhere in Auckland to provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment and quote. Contact us today to find out more.

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​Fleas are the scourge of pet owners everywhere. But you don’t need to put up with them in your home.

Once fleas have infested your home, they’re extremely difficult to get rid of. The best way to keep them at a distance is by asking your vet to provide flea tablets (or similar forms of flea control) for your pets. But if this line of defence fails – or if a few intrepid fleas find some other way to penetrate into your home – then it’s time to think about a cure.

Fleas are tiny, nasty, and stubborn.

We’ve written in detail elsewhere about how fleas behave, and how to get rid of them. Essentially, the problem with fleas is that they combine several horrible qualities in a single annoying insect. Because they hitch rides on the backs of cats and dogs, they tend to spread to the most distant corners of your home. Because they’re so unpredictable and independent, they can’t be killed with bait like ants sometimes can. And on top of all that, they bite humans whenever they get the chance.

Although you can try to deal with fleas yourself, it’s a difficult and frustrating task. First, you need to methodically wash and dry every item of clothing or furniture that might be harbouring them. Then you need to vacuum every inch of the infested room. Flea powder and flea bombs can be quite effective at killing fleas, but unless you have professional expertise, they’re dangerous for pets and children – and more often than not, some fleas will escape to bite you another day.

We’ll get your flea infestation sorted once and for all.

Rather than wasting hours trying to tackle the infestation yourself – often to little effect – it’s worth enlisting the help of a flea control specialist. At EP Services, we’ve been waging war on Auckland’s flea population for more than a decade. Our professional pest control technicians possess the tools and expertise necessary to safely and effectively rid your house of fleas.

We know you have better ways to spend your Friday evening than hunting for near-invisible flying insects. We’ll do the job for you, so you can put your feet up or focus on more important things. Because we deal with pests for a living, we’re able to do the job quickly and make sure not a single flea is spared. We also know that prevention is worth more than a cure, so our pest control technicians are always happy to advise you on strategies to prevent future infestations.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free assessment and quote. So if you want to get rid of your flea infestation for good, give us a call today. Your decision won’t come back to bite you, and neither will the fleas.

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General Cleaning

Most people who care about their property will go to great lengths to keep it tidy on the inside. But it is often the smaller details that get missed or neglected. 

Such as finger prints on glass, pollution build up on windows and stained and dirty carpets; although you may be able to keep on top of regular household vacuuming and chores. 

These other general cleaning tasks may be forgotten in the grand scheme of your homes maintenance.We offer a range of general cleaning services to help you solve this problem. Our experienced and fully-equipped cleaners do the tough jobs so you don’t have to.

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Electrical services from Cape Reinga to Bluff

We understand the importance that electrical systems have in your home or businesses daily function. EPS Electrical can provide advice on which systems are best suited for your needs. This can range from security, design, up-grades, thermal testing and maintenance. By keeping on top of your electrical components, you can stop minor issues developing into major ones, avoiding costly disruptions occurring in the first place. This will keep your business running smoothly, giving you peace of mind. 

Our thermal imagining testing can allow you to pin-point problems that can otherwise be very difficult to locate. The most common issues that are revealed through thermal testing are drafts, overheating electrical components and water leaks. This is a very popular procedure for pre purchase house inspections.

With the ever-increasing legal requirements of health and safety, EPS Electrical also offer a dependable test and tag service, accompanied with regular scheduling. This ensures that all your electrical elements are compliant and are running as they should. This a must for all businesses, not only from a legal point of view, but also an operational one.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and will travel anywhere within the Auckland region to give you a no obligation, free quote.  

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Heat pumps are an asset for any home. But it’s absolutely vital that you keep them in good working order.

By getting your heat pump system serviced annually by a professional, you’ll ensure that the air your family breathes is healthy. You’ll also guarantee that your system is getting rid of excessively hot or cold air as efficiently as possible – potentially saving you money on power bills in the long run. Did you know, for example, that an average of 30% of the air in duct systems is lost due to leaks or shoddy connections?

The best times to arrange for a checkup are just before New Zealand’s hot and humid summer, and just before its damp and often freezing winter. These are the seasons when you’ll be relying most on your heat pump. You should look for a specialist with the necessary training, tools, and experience to keep your heat pump in tip-top shape.

What we do in a nutshell

The team at EPS Electrical can handle everything from routine heat pump inspection to diagnostics and complex maintenance, for both residential and commercial properties. As part of our service, we’ll also advise you on how to care for your system. Ultimately, this will leave you with a more comfortable and more energy-efficient home and office.

Our process

If you ask for our full service, we’ll perform the following:

Clean your entire system, including all unit filters, vents, grills, and outer covers (indoor and outdoor).

Clean and disinfect both the evaporator and condenser coils, indoor and outdoor.

Clean fan blades and scrolls.

Check for rodent or bug infestations, eradicate if necessary.

Test and clean drain pipe or condensate pump.

Test system in all modes and advise you if anything is wrong, e.g. unusual sounds or vibrations.

Test air temperature output for accuracy.

Test for gas leaks around flare fittings and advise you if more refrigerant is needed.

Replace remote batteries.

With this full service, you can rest assured that the efficiency, function, and mechanical parts of your system are in excellent working order. Furthermore, you can be happy in the knowledge the lifespan of your heat pump has been extended by years compared to those which don’t get regularly serviced.

Once we’ve finished our maintenance, we’ll advise you on the best ways to care for your system in between professional maintenance, such as how to regularly clean your filters.

How to tell if your heat pump needs a service

An annual service is usually enough for a residential heat pump. But if you notice any strange smells or noises, or your power bill seems to be higher than usual, this could suggest that there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Whether you need a regular service or want to need a specific problem to be diagnosed, our dedicated team is just a phone call away.

Contact us today to secure a free, no-obligation inspection and quote anywhere in the Auckland region.

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Installing your heat pump correctly could save you a lot of money.

If you choose a system that suits your home and get it installed correctly, the resulting energy efficiency will significantly reduce your power bills. By contrast, an improperly installed system that’s not adapted to your property will waste your money and reduce the effectiveness of the heat pump. Over time, the difference in cost and comfort can be significant.

The team at EPS Electrical can provide you with a professional, thorough, and fairly priced installation service. We pride ourselves on never cutting corners with our installations, and we draw on our wealth of experience when choosing the system that’s right for your building.

Why choose a professional? Can’t I do it myself?

While it’s true that some people try to do the job themselves, it’s actually very difficult to pull this off. Heat pumps are elaborate systems, and even a superficially successful job can be undermined by hidden leaks, poor duct connections, or other major issues that’ll cause you problems down the road. Any money saved on installation costs will be offset by money lost on hefty power bills.

Even more importantly, it’s much safer to get the job done by a professional who spends their days working with various heat pumps. We’re familiar with all safety standards and manufacturer recommendations, and run thorough post-installation tests – giving you and your family peace of mind in the years to come.

Finally, many heat pump warranties are only valid if you get your system installed by a brand-approved professional. New Zealand law also requires that the electrical part of heat pump installation is completed by a licensed electrician and given an electrical Certificate of Compliance.

Our process

Our heat pump installation process can be broken down into three main parts:


This is a crucial element of heat pump installation. We carefully check your property to assess any relevant factors. These include: choosing a placement location that complies with council noise regulations; ensuring that the fire resistance and structural integrity of walls is maintained; and placing the outdoor system in an area that allows adequate air flow and maintenance.

Efficiency, safety, noise control, and overall performance are the main factors we consider during inspection.


Our licensed installers are fully trained and equipped to install heat pumps in both residential and commercial properties. We’ll arrange a time that works for you – even if that means coming in during an evening or weekend.


After we install your unit, we’ll conduct thorough testing to ensure that everything complies with New Zealand standards and is in perfect working order. When we’re finished, we’ll clean up any mess we made during the installation process and remove it from your property. Your heat pump will be ready to use whenever you need it!

We’re happy to drive anywhere in the Wellington region to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. So if you need a new heat pump system for your home or business, contact us today.

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LED lights are stylish, safe, and can save you a lot of money on power bills.

Most incandescent and halogen light bulbs waste a lot of energy, and are expensive to run. Moreover, the excess heat generated by modern recessed downlights means that you often need gaps in your insulation to ensure there’s no risk of fire – adding yet another degree of inefficiency, and making your electricity bills even steeper.

An LED lighting upgrade is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency, save money, and do something positive for the environment.

If you’re anywhere in the Auckland region, the dedicated team at EP Electrical is ready to provide you with quality lighting advice and LED installation. Our fully licensed electricians can help you select the right LED lights for your home, check that the brightness level of each room suits your needs, and ensure that your lighting system is fire-safe.

What does an LED lighting upgrade involve?

We’ll come to your property, inspect it, and give you advice on the best ways to improve your lighting situation. All this is complimentary – you won’t have to pay for it – and afterwards we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote outlining exactly how much a system upgrade will cost for your building.

We provide LED installation for both residential and commercial properties. Our service involves much more than simply replacing your existing light fittings with LED. Lighting is an art as well as a science, and we help you design a lighting solution that dramatically enhances the intended ambience of the space, whether it’s a doctor’s waiting room, an industrial warehouse, or a modern Kiwi home.

Our team uses only premium products, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your new lights will look fantastic, and enjoy the long lifespan expected of quality LED products.

After we finish, we’ll conduct thorough testing to make sure everything is in good working order. We’ll also clean up any mess made during the installation process, so you can fully enjoy the new feel of your property immediately.

What happens next?

We’re happy to drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. So if you’re considering getting an LED lighting upgrade for your property, contact our friendly electrical team today.

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Thermal imaging pinpoints problems that regular property inspections often miss.

When you’re buying a house, it’s very common to arrange an inspection in order to be sure of what you’re signing up for. These inspections are essential, because they provide you with a solid idea of how much you might need to pay for repairs in the near future.

Unfortunately, standard run-of-the-mill inspections usually don’t involve thermal imaging. Yet this process is one of the most effective ways to detect hidden structural problems within a house.

The certified thermographers at EP Electrical use thermal imaging to:

  • Give you peace of mind when you’re buying a new home
  • Help you diagnose possible issues with your current property

How does thermal imaging work?

Our specialised thermographic cameras emit an infrared light, which shows us which areas of each room are hotter than other areas. Based on this imaging, we can locate the spots where heat is escaping from the house. By diagnosing any problems and advising you on how to fix them, we help you improve your home’s heating efficiency – often dramatically. Since undiagnosed heat loss can account for up to 50% of your power bill, thermal imaging can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What can thermal imaging detect?

Thermal imaging isn’t limited to a single narrow purpose. Because infrared light allows us to see heat – and because heat is produced, or lost, for a variety of reasons – it’s a great way to test for a range of common property issues:

  • Electrical hazards in machinery, appliances, switches, transformers, fuses, etc
  • Moisture build-up under carpets, in ceilings, and behind walls
  • Damp insulation
  • Leaky roofs
  • Pest infestations
  • Problematic gaps in walls, window frames, doors, and other places where heat is commonly lost

What happens next?

Whether you want to conduct a thermal imaging inspection before buying a new home, or you want to improve the energy efficiency of your existing home, our dedicated team of licensed electricians is just a phone call away.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on hefty power bills. Contact us today to secure a free, no-obligation inspection and quote anywhere in the Auckland region.

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For more than ten years, we’ve been building a reputation as Auckland’s most reliable electricians.

The licensed electricians at EP Electrical have been helping Kiwis keep their homes safe and efficient for more than a decade. We service residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and we bring the same technical skills and experience to all types of jobs.

We also pride ourselves on our prompt communication and rapid response time. We’re on call 24/7 to help with any electrical emergencies.

What we do

If it involves an electrical current, then we’ve probably seen it before. Broadly, our work falls into three categories: electrical repairs, electrical installations, and scheduled electrical maintenance.

Electrical Repairs.

When the electrical wiring fails in your property, it’s important to get the issue looked at by a professional ASAP. Not only is it more convenient for you to avoid waiting; it’s also necessary to ensure there are no fire or electrocution hazards related to the damage. Some of the most common domestic faults we repair include:

  • Blown light bulbs
  • Non-functioning power sockets and lights
  • Broken hot water cylinders
  • Misfiring security lights
  • Non-functional ovens

Electrical Installations.

If you’re building or renovating, it’s important to find an electrician who can satisfy your design brief without compromising on safety or efficiency. Our electrical installations include:

Electrical Maintenance.

Even at the best of times, compliance can be an administrative nightmare. If you’re a property manager or business owner, keeping up with the long list of routine checks is an exhausting and highly-manual task. 

By scheduling regular electrical maintenance, you’ll have one less thing on your plate. And you can be 100% sure that you’re compliant with all NZ regulations and health and safety guidelines, such as:

  • Building warrants of fitness (BWoF)
  • Electrical certificates of compliance
  • Health and safety policies & insurance policies
  • Other electricity standards & regulations

What you can expect from choosing us

There are quite a few licensed electricians in New Zealand, so we strive to give you a more positive experience than many others offer.

  • We offer fair and transparent pricing.
  • We keep a flexible schedule, so you can arrange an evening or weekend visit if that’s what works best.
  • We communicate well, and we’re friendly.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we prioritise quality over speed. You won’t get any cheap rush-jobs from our electricians.

If you’re in need of general electrical work, we would love to chat. Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation quote anywhere in the Auckland region.

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Electrical tagging and testing is compulsory under New Zealand law.

With the recent introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, all employers are now required to arrange regular testing and tagging of all electrical equipment on their property.

Not only is professional tagging and testing essential for you to comply with these guidelines, but more importantly, it ensures that none of your employees or customers are at risk of a potentially fatal accident.

The licensed electricians at EP Electrical are fully trained and equipped to offer thorough, affordable tagging and testing anywhere in the Auckland region.

What is tagging and testing?

It’s essentially a technical term for routine inspection. A qualified electrician moves through your business methodically, checking off each piece of equipment individually and making sure everything complies with health and safety guidelines. Depending on the readings they get, they mark each item as a pass or fail and then inform you of the results.

How often your business needs tagging and testing depends on your workplace environment. The required frequency can be anything from three months to five years. There are an enormous number of factors which influence this, so the best solution is to chat with a licensed electrician about your needs.

You can find more information about tagging and testing here.

What to expect from working with us

Rather than applying the common “bare bones” approach to testing and tagging, we conduct an extremely thorough inspection of your property for your benefit. We’ll make sure you understand the dangers involved in the use of your equipment, and we’ll advise you on the best ways to mitigate any existing risks.

Besides reducing the chance of an accident, this also puts you in a better legal position if one day something does go wrong. You can show that you did everything possible to create a safe working environment.

If you’d like to arrange tagging and testing for your business, we would love to chat. Contact our team today to arrange a free, no-obligation quote anywhere in Auckland.

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Roof Restoration Auckland

If your roof is still in decent condition, it could be an ideal candidate for roof restoration.

Well-maintained roofs that are cleaned regularly tend to last much longer than neglected roofs. If you’ve been taking proper care of your property’s roof, then even after several decades it might only need to be restored, not replaced.

Roof restoration is less invasive – and cheaper – than replacement.

It would be a shame to tear up a whole roof, just because of a few isolated flaws. Fortunately, if you put your roof in expert hands, you don’t always have to get it replaced.

Before starting our roof restoration process, we carefully inspect your roof and make sure a restoration will address all problems at their core. This thorough inspection is a key part of the process. After all, there’s no sense in resurfacing the roof if the whole structure is in a state of decay.

Your roof needs to be in good condition, and its core should be free from moisture and decay. There shouldn’t be any leaks. An example of an acceptable candidate for restoration would be a roof that’s in good shape overall, but with shingles that are approaching the end of their lifespan.

Get your roof restored today.

The Auckland based roofing specialists at Endeavour Property Services are standing by to knock your roof back into shape. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation assessment and quote.

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Roof Painting Auckland

Roof painting is an affordable way to get an old roof looking brand new.

Is your roof in good condition structurally, but looking a bit worse for wear? Or does it need a new colour to better suit your home? With roof repainting, you can refresh your roof’s appearance without forking out money for unnecessary replacement.

Roof painting should always be highly tailored to your roof.

Discoloured, stained, faded, or flaking roofs are ideal candidates for a new paint job. Roof paints and elastomeric coatings can be used on many types of roof, but it’s important to enlist the help of an expert to ensure that the fresh treatment is applied correctly and lasts as long as possible.

Our roof painting specialists are equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to get the perfect finish for your roof. We take into account your roof’s material, age, and condition when helping you choose a paint type, and we also consider details like the expected effects of UV light (especially with Auckland's harsh sun) on paint colour over time.

We’re Auckland’s roof painting specialists.

It’s important to take local conditions into account when repainting a roof. We have personal experience of New Zealand’s harsh sunshine and occasional tropical cyclones, and we tailor our roofing solutions accordingly.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Get in touch today to arrange your roof repaint.

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New Roofing Company Auckland

No roof lasts forever. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get a completely new roof for your property.

Roof repairs, roof restoration, and re-roofing are all good options for roofs that are in decent overall shape. But some roofs are structurally compromised, or decayed beyond all hope of redemption. In these cases, a roof replacement is usually the best way forward.

Roof replacements save your home from damage.

When a roof is suffering from major decay or disrepair, your whole property is at risk of damage. A roof’s purpose is to protect the interior framework of your house from exposure to the elements. If it no longer does this, then it’s just a matter of time before dampness, mould, and rot begin to spread to your ceilings and walls.

That’s why it’s so important to fully assess a roof before determining which service to choose. At Endeavour Property Services, we conduct a thorough inspection of your roof before committing to any work on it. That way, you can be sure you’re not paying for a roof restoration when what you really need is a replacement – or vice versa.

Arrange your roof inspection today.

Think it might be time to get a new roof? Ask one of our roofing specialists to come and pay you a visit. We’ll drive anywhere in Auckland and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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Reroofing Auckland

Re-roofing is a good way to fix certain roofs without committing to a full replacement.

Have you been recommended by a trusted specialists to start looking into getting a full roof replacement ?

Do you keep having the same problems arising season after season with your roofing? 

Are you spending too much money every year to get your roof into a stable condition so you can focus on the more important things in life? And it's still causing problems?

It might be time to replace your roof.

Our Reroofing services cover a wide variety of roof types like Gerard tiles, Steel, concrete and more. Ask to have a specialists to come have a look today and give you the trusted advise you deserve.

Contact us now and get your free quote. It's as simple as that!

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Roof Maintenance Auckland

Routine roof maintenance extends the lifespan of your roof.

Though roof maintenance is often neglected by homeowners, it yields enormous benefits in the long run. It ensures that niggly annoyances like debris accumulation don’t turn into much bigger problems, like damage or leaks. On top of that, many roof manufacturers require proper maintenance in order to keep the roof’s warranty active.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If your roof is properly maintained – ideally once or twice a year, depending on the size and shape of your roof as well as the location of your property – then you’ll avoid many of the more serious problems that tend to accumulate over time.

Debris buildup, for example, creates persistent damp conditions that in turn promote the growth of mould and mildew. Over time, this can damage your roof, leading to expensive repairs and reducing the lifespan of the roof as a whole.

But if you tackle the root causes before they cause permanent damage, you’ll be able to rest assured that your roof is operating at 100%.

We’re Auckland’s roof maintenance specialists.

Did you know that the average roof is replaced 7-10 years earlier than it should be, simply because it wasn’t professionally maintained?

We can help you avoid this unnecessary expense. Get in touch today to arrange a roof maintenance schedule that suits you!

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Drain and Drainage Repairs Auckland

A damaged drain really does bring the pain.

Not only does this cause problems to your wallet, but it can be negatively affecting your health. We work safely and efficiently to ensure your drain is back to working as soon as possible - with Auckland’s volatile weather, it is important that your drains are working 24/7

When it comes to drain repairs, we believe in identifying the root cause of the issue. If your drain is damaged, your property is at risk of being damaged too. 

A working drainage system is vital.

We approach damaged drains by clearing out the pipe first. In nearly all cases we can unblock the drain on the spot. With the option of many different methods, we take into consideration the most reliable and effective method out of them all. One of the simplest and safest methods is the Hydro Jet. Depending on the type of blockage we encounter (e.g. tree roots or clogged soil), we’ll use a nozzle designed specifically for that problem.

It is often during drain unblocking services that the pipe itself may be damaged. This may be due to the growth of tree roots, or simply the age of the pipe. If that is the case, then there are solutions that we offer which do not always include tearing up your yard.

Find the drainage leak and fix it.

Drain fault finding or drain locating is carried out using our specialised CCTV equipment designed specifically for drain inspections and repairs. The camera is guided by our trained professional into your drain, tilting and zooming as required. The images are sent back in real time to a colour monitor. Once an issue is located, we note the depth and mark the spot at ground level. It is then that repair work can be carried out.

After unblocking the drain, we give you the option to line it with a smaller pipe. Meaning that all waste water is carried away from your property. However, lining the drain pipe is not always practical, so we take it upon us to repair it. If there is an option to remove and repair or replace a section of the damaged pipe, then only a small portion of your yard may be disturbed. However you will be informed of every step involved, to help you make the best decision.

We offer a range of drain repair services including finding the root of the fault in the architecture, damaged drains (including root damage), storm water and sewage repairs as well as collapsed and dipped drains.

With our extensive evaluation, our solutions are always a permanent fix. Enquire today so we can help!

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