Experts in Roof Treatments in Owairaka

Protect your roof from unsightly build up of moss, mould and dirt and help to maintain your homes street appeal. But roof maintenance and cleaning is for more than just appearance. If left untreated these build ups can cause irreparable damage to the surface of your roof. 

Unfortunately while you may not notice your roof, it is one of the first things other people notice about your house. It’s also the part of your house that’s most exposed to New Zealand's extreme elements, therefore it is the most likely to get damaged. 

So to keep you roof in the best condition it is important to call in the professionals in roof cleaning to carry out regular roof maintenance. 

How our team can help

Our team is experienced in roof maintenance, having over 10 years experience cleaning roofs made from a range of materials. You can rest assured that we will clean your roof using the methods best matched to your individual roof. 

We have a strong health and safety focus, not only to protect our staff from harm but to also take extra care to avoid damaging your roof while we’re up there cleaning it.

We have experience cleaning a range of roofing materials, as when cleaning different materials you need to be careful such as shingles are quite brittle. 

No matter the roof type we always act with care, using a low-pressure equipment to apply a eco-friendly cleaning solution, which gradually and safely removes moss and lichen from your roof. This way, you can be sure that the only thing we’ll remove is the dirt and algae on your roof – not the roof itself!

Why is roof cleaning so important?

Don't put off cleaning your roof, a soon as you notice signs of discolouration, dirt and moss it is best to call in the professionals. To ensure your roof can be cleaned and maintained to the best standard. If left too long it may be too late to save your roof, and you may have to fork out the cash for a replacement roof. 

By investing time into getting your roof cleaned regularly over time you will save money on costly roof repairs and will put off having to replace your roof all together.

Endeavours roof cleaning experts happily drive across in the Owairaka to provide you with a free inspection and quote. Call us today to find out more.

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