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Your homes roof gives an important first impression and plays a role in your homes street appeal. So it is important to keep it looking clean and free from moss, mould and discolouration.

Its a fact even the most dedicated homeowners tend to neglect their roofs: they focus their efforts on their homes interior and the garden. But with the roof because it is often out of sight to those who live in a home, it can easily be forgotten and left to deteriorate.

This is a shame, because your roof is one of the first things people notice about your house. It’s also the part of your house that’s most exposed to the elements, most likely to get damaged through lack of care, and it’s one of the most expensive parts to repair or replace.

To keep your roof in tip-top shape, it’s often best to enlist the services of a roof cleaning specialist.

How Endeavour can help

For more than ten years, we’ve been cleaning roofs across New Zealand – and we’d love to help with yours too.

We are health and safety focussed, not only to protect our staff from harm but to also take extra care to avoid damaging your roof while we’re up there cleaning it.

Certain roofing materials (such as shingles) are quite brittle and certainly not designed to be walked upon carelessly or sprayed with high-pressure hoses. We always inspect and assess your roof before taking any action. 

We also use low-pressure equipment to apply a eco-friendly cleaning solution, which gradually and safely removes moss and lichen from your roof. This way, you can be sure that the only thing we’ll remove is the dirt and algae on your roof – not the roof itself!

But why do I need to clean my roof?

Cleaning your roof regularly helps to extend its life as over time your roof is subjected to the elements and gets coated in moss, mould and a fine layer of dust & dirt. This gritty build up can over time cause damage to your roofing material, shortening its lifespan. 

Also overtime things like algae and lichen will start to form, this is more than just a cosmetic issues. As they are living organisms, and they need food to survive. Unfortunately, the reason they grow on your roof in the first place is because they can eat it. 

Over time, this can cause shingle degradation and other problems, which in turn results in wood rot and bring upon the need for costly roof repairs. 

Don't put off cleaning your roof, a soon as you notice signs of discolouration, dirt and moss it is best to call in the professional roof cleaners. To ensure your roof can be cleaned and maintained to the best standard. If left too long it may be too late to save your roof, and you may have to fork out the cash for a replacement roof. 

Endeavours roof cleaning experts happily drive across in the Morningside to provide you with a free inspection and quote. Call us today to find out more.

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