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Rats and mice carry nasty diseases. You should eliminate this health risk as soon as possible.

We’re lucky enough to live in a world where mouse and rat infestations are increasingly uncommon. Better hygiene standards and improved building quality mean that we no longer have to take it for granted that rodents will share our homes or businesses.

But sometimes they insist on reminding us of their existence. They might announce this by biting you while you sleep; by scuttling across your bedroom floor and into some dark recess behind your wardrobe; or by leaving mysterious chew marks in the apple pie you left on the windowsill.

Don’t ignore rodents – because they certainly won’t ignore you.

It’s an easy mistake to make. You notice the signs of a rat’s presence, so you deploy a trap. Days pass and nothing happens. The signs of infestation continue, but it’s not affecting you very much – so you simply ignore it and go on with your life.

This lack of response is dangerous. Rats and mice often carry diseases, which they spread to humans via their droppings or urine. Leptospirosis and salmonellosis are two of the most common ones, but the most famous example is of course the bubonic plague, or Black Death, which ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages. 

Ticks, fleas, and lice also love to ride around in the hair of rats, often jumping off and colonising various parts of your house as soon as they get the chance.

Because rats gnaw constantly to sharpen their teeth, they frequently damage pipes, insulation, skirting boards, wooden furniture, and other parts of your property.

We can help.

The pest control team at EP Services has been dealing with rat and mouse infestations for more than ten years, and we’re fully equipped to weed out even the most cunning rodents.

When we visit your property, the first thing we’ll do is conduct a careful assessment to identify which type of rodent is giving you grief. Based on what we find, we’ll come up with a targeted solution that eradicates the pests quickly and effectively. 

We use methods which are entirely safe for you and your pets.

Crucially, we can also help you prevent future infestations. We promise that by the time we’re finished, you’ll be able to put your feet on the ground without having to worry about something crawling over them.

Are rodents messing with your business?

If you own a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment that deals with food, rodents can ruin your reputation. Nothing leaves a more bitter taste in a customer’s mouth than the sight of a rat. Avoid negative reviews; contact us today and we’ll get your rodent problem sorted for you in no time.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to provide you with a free rodent control assessment and quote.

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"The product was installed during the past year and for the first time this coming year we are looking forward to having no leaves in our gutters during autumn. We have really appreciated not having to get up ladders this year."
Stephen — Gutter Guard
"Endeavour went the extra mile for me on my house. I gladly and highly recommend them - you will not be disappointed!"
Michael — House Wash
"I recently employed Endeavour Property Services Limited to clean my house in preparation to sell. It is a rather large two story house and they did an excellent job of removing black road grime and algae walls and guttering etc. I would strongly recommend their services as they did a thorough and very cost competitive job."
Robin — House wash
"Just a quick note regarding the incredible job you did on my home. I literally could not have anticipated that the house would look as good as it does! I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends and neighbours, and in fact I have done so already!"
Chereen — House wash
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