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Exterior soft wash and house cleaning. 

New Zealand’s hot summers, damp winters and frequent tropical cyclones can make a mess of the most well-designed exteriors. Unfortunately, the facade of your house is what makes the strongest impression on visitors and neighbours. The exterior appearance of the house tells a lot about the people living inside it. To give people a good impression of who you are, you need to have a neat and tidy looking house.

The good news is that professional house washers can get your walls, windows and outdoor area looking as good as new – without you having to lift a finger.

Why do I need to wash my home?

Your home is a massive investment, so it is important to ensure you do everything you can to protect your homes cladding and paintwork from the elements.

No matter what sort of material your house is made of, it’s unavoidable that over time it will get dirty and deteriorate.This is caused by pollution, persistent rain, lack of sun – even too much sun – can all cause problems. 

Some of the most common issues we see are timber discolouration, algae, moss, or vanadium stains.

Concrete, stucco, stone, and steel all come with their own problems too – and each requires a tailored strategy to deal with it as effectively as possible. House washing is recommended after every 12-24 months. After 12-24 months, mould begins to grow that destroys the paint.

Our exterior house wash services are also useful before you undertake the job of painting your house, get a pre-paint wash done to ensure the surfaces are prepped for you or your painter. 

Leave it to us!

For more than ten years, we’ve been West Auckland's leading house washing specialists.

Although you can DIY clean your homes exterior, it can be very easy to damage your homes cladding if you do not use the right cleaning methods. That is why it is often better left to the experts, as they are trained to the safest and most effective way to clean a variety of cladding types. 

After we’ve finished this inspection, we’ll come up with a tailored treatment plan for your property. Once you give your approval, we’ll get to work – using our environmentally friendly citrus-based detergent to loosen up grime, then using a soft wash to remove it. 

Regular cleaning expands lifespan and appearance of your paintwork, and help you make a fantastic first impression on visitors or prospective house buyers. It improves your homes street appeal which helps to increase its value. 

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