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Saying “shoo fly” only achieves so much. Professional pest control can tackle your fly problem once and for all.

We’ve all been there. Childhood in New Zealand wouldn’t have been quite the same without the rolled-up newspaper cudgels, the plates of food covered with tea towels, and the bits of dead fly all over the floor and windowsills.

Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with that status quo any longer. Pest control specialists can take your counter-fly efforts up a notch, providing long-lasting relief from those extremely dirty insects.

When do house flies become a problem?

A fly here and there never hurt anyone. But in warmer parts of the country, particularly during the summer months, flies can multiply so quickly that they begin to interfere with your life. 

They land on your food while you’re eating and annoy your guests. Because they visit all sorts of unclean places, they pose a serious health risk to humans and pets. You may even come across things like maggots in your fruit bowl.

It’s not just residential areas that are affected. Restaurants, cafes and other businesses often suffer badly from fly infestations too. This can be a real problem, because it gives customers a bad impression of the establishment’s hygiene standards even though you might be making every effort to keep the place clean.

How to get rid of flies

If there are only a handful of flies living in your house, the usual electric fly swatters (or newspapers) may be enough to keep them under control. But for larger infestations, you’ll need to direct your line of attack towards the breeding site itself.

The most effective way to do this is with purpose-built fly sprays and other treatments. These are best used in the hands of a professional, with a knowledge of fly breeding habits and health & safety guidelines.

Suffering from an infestation?

We can help. After identifying the exact species of fly, our pest control specialists will adapt their method to fit the problem. 

Although we’re relentless in our war on flies, we also make sure that our treatment is as safe as it is effective. Nobody should have to compromise the wellbeing of their family or pets in order to deal with a fly infestation.

Attack is the best form of defence. Rather than waiting for your fly situation to get out of hand, why not take preventative measures to reduce the chances of an infestation? The experienced team at EP Services can advise you on the best strategy to keep flies away in the future.

We’ll drive anywhere in the Auckland region to give you a free assessment and quote before you commit to anything. So if you’re worried about the number of flies that have set up a colony in your home or business, give us a call today.

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"Endeavour went the extra mile for me on my house. I gladly and highly recommend them - you will not be disappointed!"
Michael — House Wash
"The product was installed during the past year and for the first time this coming year we are looking forward to having no leaves in our gutters during autumn. We have really appreciated not having to get up ladders this year."
Stephen — Gutter Guard
"I recently employed Endeavour Property Services Limited to clean my house in preparation to sell. It is a rather large two story house and they did an excellent job of removing black road grime and algae walls and guttering etc. I would strongly recommend their services as they did a thorough and very cost competitive job."
Robin — House wash
"Just a quick note regarding the incredible job you did on my home. I literally could not have anticipated that the house would look as good as it does! I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends and neighbours, and in fact I have done so already!"
Chereen — House wash
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