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Drains are supposed to drain – yet blockages are all too common. EPS can get them flowing again in no time.

Picture this: you look out your window one rainy evening, only to realise that your garden and driveway are flooding. It’s a nightmare – and because the causes of drain blockage are often invisible, it can leave you feeling helpless, especially in this uncertain time of lockdown.

Homeowners already have enough on their plate without having to worry about blocked drains. That’s where we step in.

Our specialist drain cleaners can come and assess the scale of the problem, identify the cause, and give you a straightforward quote for the work required. In nearly all cases, we can unblock your drains for you on the spot.

Blocked drains can cause a huge mess in your home and the service of unblocking them is considered essential in this time. So give us a bell if your drain is blocked and we'll take all your hassles away. 

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