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Does your driveway reflect the true value of your house?

Is your front path completely hidden by grass growing between the cracks? Your brick carpark so green with moss that you sometimes slip over when it rains? Your driveway so filthy with petrol grease that you’d think twice about lighting a match over it?

Even if you’re suffering from relatively minor versions of these problems, they can make a mockery of your efforts to keep other parts of your house clean. Along with your house’s exterior, your driveway and path are the first things that prospective buyers and other visitors notice on arrival – so it’s absolutely vital not to ignore them.

How to care for your driveway and path

Prevention is much better than a cure. If you don’t pay any attention to your driveway and path, they’ll deteriorate over the years, and you may eventually need to get them replaced altogether.

Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to slow down or stop the process that leads to replacement:

Sweep your driveway regularly.

If your driveway is covered with rotting leaves and other debris, this will stimulate growth of lichen and moss. Damp conditions tend to make things worse – so sweep away debris whenever you get the chance, especially during rainy months.

Use weed killer to get rid of pesky growth. 

Pulling weeds out by hand can be a time-consuming and thankless task, as weeds tend to regrow very quickly in New Zealand’s climate. 

If you have the right gear and knowledge, periodically applying weed killer along the edges of your driveway and path can reduce weed growth for months. This in turn will make the “ideal condition” of your driveway last longer.

Get a professional clean. 

Even with the best DIY care, outdoor areas are one part of your house that’ll eventually need professional treatment. Petrol stains, tyre marks, and moss are difficult to avoid forever. When the situation starts to get ugly, it’s time to get in touch with a specialist driveway cleaner.

We’re here to help.

The team at EP Services has a lot of experience with different kinds of New Zealand driveways. We’ve cleaned everything from concrete, brick, and paving slabs to beautiful natural stone, asphalt, and more. Our dedicated cleaners are fully equipped to deal with the worst grime you can throw at them.

Our method

We use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, which removes grime without causing any driveway erosion or harm to your garden plants. 

And unlike some cowboy handymen, who blast everything with high-pressure hoses, we use a variable pressure wash that gets the same great results without any risk of damage.

It’s often hard to know exactly what you want before you’ve actually spoken to a specialist and listened to their advice. We’ll happily drive anywhere in the Auckland region, inspect your property, and give you a quote – all at no cost or obligation to you. 

The regular clients who keep coming back to us do so because they know we have their best interests at heart.

Don’t let your driveway be an eyesore. Contact our team today for your free assessment and quote.

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Client Testimonials

"Just a quick note regarding the incredible job you did on my home. I literally could not have anticipated that the house would look as good as it does! I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends and neighbours, and in fact I have done so already!"
Chereen — House wash
"The product was installed during the past year and for the first time this coming year we are looking forward to having no leaves in our gutters during autumn. We have really appreciated not having to get up ladders this year."
Stephen — Gutter Guard
"I recently employed Endeavour Property Services Limited to clean my house in preparation to sell. It is a rather large two story house and they did an excellent job of removing black road grime and algae walls and guttering etc. I would strongly recommend their services as they did a thorough and very cost competitive job."
Robin — House wash
"Endeavour went the extra mile for me on my house. I gladly and highly recommend them - you will not be disappointed!"
Michael — House Wash
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