Commercial Window Cleaning in Mount Albert.

Don’t let dirty windows get in between you and potential customers. 

We understand that as business owners or property managers there is a lot of things you need to keep on top of to keep the property in the best condition possible. 

Property managers, too, often neglect this important aspect of presentation. When you have a big portfolio to manage, it’s stressful enough to keep everything running smoothly without having to deal with the intricacies of cleaning.

Leave it to us!

The commercial cleaning specialists at Endeavour Property Services have been helping Mount Albert businesses for more than a decade – and we know a thing or two about window washing. 

We’ve worked on everything from tiny inner-city shop fronts, to sprawling industrial complexes, schools, and office blocks. In each case, we come up with a solution that’s highly tailored to the property. 

Depending on your needs, we offer standalone external window cleaning, or external and internal cleaning together. If you’re interested in taking things up a notch, we can also help you with commercial building washing and carpark cleaning.

How we do it

Whenever possible, we clean window exteriors by hand. In our experience this gives a much better finish, and helps avoid the streak marks that are the curse of so many non-professional window cleaners. 

The most hard-to-reach windows are no problem for us, because all of our staff are fully equipped with water-fed poles and brushes. This practice helps us comply with New Zealand health and safety regulations.

A window is more than just a piece of glass. Our internal window cleaning service incorporates window sills and window frames, for a better overall appearance. We clean internal glass by hand with special cloths – creating a streak-free, lint-free finish.

Flexible window cleaning service.

Particularly in a business setting, any type of cleaning work should be as unobtrusive as possible. We ensure that your windows are cleaned with the least ditractipon or disruption to your business and customers.

We pride ourselves on having flexible working hours so that you can opt for either weekday or weekend cleaning, depending on what suits you best. We’re also happy to come in after hours on weekdays, so that our work doesn’t disturb your employees or customers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help, we’d love to chat. As a courtesy, we’ll drive anywhere in Mount Albert to meet on site and come up with a quote at no cost to you.

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