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There are many carpet cleaning myths out there, we know the facts!

Your homes carpets are a significant investment, unfortunately accidents do happen. Thats where we come in! If you have spilt something on your homes carpets. Do not fear! 

Our professional carpet cleaning team have the tools and solutions to remove even the most stubborn carpet stains. Whether your problem is in a specific location or you just want to schedule a regular clean, our team of carpet cleaning experts can help.

Don't rely on DIY products.

All though there is a lot of do it yourself carpet cleaning products on the market that claim to remove stains. These products have a varying degree of success. Some of these products can even do more harm than good, and cause damage to your carpets. 

Shoddy service by inexperienced carpet cleaners can make the problem worse, either because certain chemicals react with other chemicals that have already been used, or because excessive soaking causes mildew to develop. Improper use of heavy-duty cleaning equipment can wreak havoc on your carpets in no time.

Although natural home remedies like water and salt can reduce some stains, the results are only superficial. Even over-the-counter chemicals and DIY carpet cleaning machines tend to be either ineffective or to make things worse.

Our carpet cleaning methods:

Our vans are fully equipped with all the tools necessary to deal with the most horrendous stains – and our cleaning specialists know how to use them.

The first and arguably most important step we take is to fully assess the situation, and make sure nothing we do will cause further problems. 

Depending on the type of cleaning required, we might use industrial vacuums, steam cleaners, carpet shampoo machines, or various industrial-grade cleaning solutions. The style and condition of the carpet also informs the solution we end up going with.

Because we target our response to match the original problem, even the most serious disasters are beatable. Mud, red wine stains, cat hair, and dog poo are just a few of the things we overcome on a daily basis.

We get these great results without risking damage to your carpets. We always spot test any cleaning solutions to ensure they dont cause any damage to the carpets. We only use non-toxic, environmentally friendly products, so you don’t need to worry about your children or pets being affected.

Why you need professional carpet cleaning?

Some stains become much more difficult to clean if too much time passes. That’s why it’s important to arrange a professional assessment as soon as possible after an accident.

We recommend getting your carpets cleaned regularly in order to keep it free from microscopic dirt, dust, mites, pet hair, and other harmful pollutants and allergens. A professional clean once or twice a year, combined with normal vacuuming, is usually enough.

Our team will drive anywhere in the Auckland region to carry out a free no obligation assessment and quote. 

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