Why You Need A Thermal Imaging Inspection

95% of plumbing systems around your house are tucked away within the walls, under flooring or in the ceiling void. While being hidden away is a bonus for the aesthetic of your home, it is not so ideal when it comes to identifying faults such as pipe bursts. Plumbers often utilize Thermal Imaging to uncover hidden leaks, analyse water damage undetected to the naked eye and to specify the exact location for repairs. A burst pipe would mean a wet or damp area, this results in a different temperature in comparison to the surrounding dry area. This technique is not just used to inspect pipes around the property, but can also be beneficial when it comes to drains carrying wastewater around the property. 

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Let’s start with the basics... ‘What is Thermal Imaging?’ is a question we get a lot. Essentially, Thermal Imaging is a technique used to produce an image or to locate a fault using heat. A Thermal Imaging camera measures variations in heat and radiation. This style of imaging is used in more industries other than construction, such as medical and law enforcement.

What Thermal Imaging Does

A Thermal Imaging Inspection can be used in plumbing inspections to detect water leaks in all the hidden spots such inside walls, ceilings, under floorboards or shower bases and even within concrete foundations. Anywhere water can get into your home, an inspection can detect. As unknown leaks can quickly escalate to mold and mildew growth, timber structures are at greater risk of rotting. Susceptible to water damage would be concrete slabs and plasterboard, as well as exteriors such as cabinets, carpets and floorboards. Undiagnosed heat loss from unknown leaks can account for up to 50% of your power bill, thermal imaging can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Uncovering the Hidden Problems

Often, there are hidden pipes and drains which the homeowner does not even know about. With the Thermal Imaging camera, these can be detected and made easier to be aware of suspected leaks in these places. A benefit of using the camera would avoid needing to remove large areas of your home to find pipes, which is particularly beneficial in an older building with no clear plumbing plans or where DIY plumbing work may have been completed in the past. Providing a thorough inspection of the plumbing systems can uncover trouble spots you would not know about until the problem had escalated.

Thermal imaging isn’t limited to one purpose. As heat is detected, it is common knowledge that heat is produced or lost for a variety of reasons. With the help of the Thermal camera, the problem can be identified. Common issues that are visible through Thermal Imaging include electrical hazards in machinery and appliances and moisture build-up hidden under carpets and behind walls or ceilings. The most evident problems discovered would be damp insulation, leaky roofs and problematic gaps in the walls where heat is shown to be lost, which are fairly obvious when reviewing a thermal image.

Book an Inspection

By booking in a Thermal Imaging Inspection, a leak can be caught before it’s too late which will help keep potential repair costs to a minimum. We recommend getting regular checks and using this service as a part of your pre-purchase check before buying property to ensure the plumbing systems are safe.

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