Why a Heat Pump is Right For You

Choosing the best heating system for your home depends on a variety of factors. Whether your home relies on gas or electric energy as its primary source for heating plays a large role. Other questions to ask yourself are ‘how much are you willing to spend?’ and ‘how much is energy efficiency important for you and your family?’.


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A major advantage of heat pumps compared to electric or gas heaters is that heat pumps do not have heating elements to burn energy. Heat pump heat is constant, which is what you want when looking to warm your home economically. Regardless of the type of heating source you currently have, if you’re looking for a way to save money long term, a heat pump is your best option. The most costly part of choosing a heat pump would be installation, but we have got you covered. Check out our post on the heat pump installation process.

How You Could Benefit

The heat pump is the only heating and air conditioning system you are going to need which is a money saver in itself. Acting as an air conditioner to cool down your home in the summer, and during the winter, the process is reversed and it used to heat your home. By absorbing the heat from the surrounding air outside, the heat is then compressed which is converted to thermal energy to heat your home. Two coils are used, with on placed inside your home and one placed outside, linked to drawing warm from the outside air and transferred to your home. While in summer, the role of the heat pump is reversed, to pump out heat and reduce humidity.

The Impact on the Environment

Fuel is not burnt in order to create heat, a heat pump uses the existing warmth in the ground or air to provide heat. Rather than creating it, existing heat is simply transferred. There is less energy used than your traditional heating system, which makes it a more economically friendly solution for your ventilation, heating and air conditioning.

Renewable energy is a big focal point when it comes to how heat pumps impact the environment. The system of a heat pump is reliant on the fact that the earth remains at a fairly consistent temperature. During colder months, the ground is warmer than the air, while during summer months, the ground is cooler than the air. As heat pumps use water, air and/or ground as an energy source, this means that now only is the cost low, but the environmental impact is significantly low too. For every unit of electrical energy used, the pump is able to produce over three units of heat, in comparison, this is 3x more efficient than gas or direct electrical heating.

Maintenance is Easy

A heat pump is a natural heat course, unlike using a gas furnace which presents a high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Once you contact a plumbing contractor to install a heat pump, you will not have to worry about future calls in relation to carbon monoxide leaks. This is also a benefit not just to your pocket but saves you time too. With a low-to-no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, comes less maintenance. Although to keep things running slowly, we do have a few tips to keep your heat pump healthy.

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