What Is The Difference Between Pressure Washing, Water Blasting and Soft Washing?

Every home maintenance company worth its salt will know all the differences between pressure washing, water blasting, and soft washing – and exactly when to use one over another.

If you’re considering using one of these techniques on your property, it’s important that you have a decent grasp of the subject too. It may prove to be the difference between a perfect clean and a permanently ruined surface!


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Pressure Washing

Have you ever spent hours scrubbing grimy brick patios or concrete driveways, only to be disappointed with the result? Or dedicated an entire Sunday to removing the weeds from your garden path by hand, only to have them grow back a week later?

Pressure washing could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. It’s essentially a heavy-duty hose, and it uses an extremely focused, high-powered stream of water to remove the most stubborn dirt from a range of outdoor surfaces.

Don’t underestimate how powerful pressure washing is, however. If you’re not careful – or if you don’t fully understand which surfaces are suited to a high-pressure clean – it can cause permanent damage. Things like unfinished concrete, curbsides, and as-yet-unvarnished wood are ideal candidates for pressure washing.

Water Blasting

In New Zealand, we generally use the term “water blasting” to refer to all types of high-pressure washing. For all intents and purposes, pressure washing is synonymous with water blasting.

There is another term worth mentioning, though. Power washing is slightly different to pressure washing. Although it operates on the same principle, it uses water at a very high temperature. This makes it more effective at removing the most challenging grime such as chewing gum, petrol stains, and grease.

In the hands of an expert, pressure washing alone is usually more than enough unless you own a commercial carpark.

Soft Washing

Unlike the other techniques we’ve mentioned, soft washing is in another category altogether. First, an eco-friendly solution is applied to the dirty surface and left for a few minutes to disintegrate the grime. It’s then washed off with a low-rinse system, which has slightly more pressure than a garden hose but not enough to damage anything.

Soft washing is perfect for things like paintwork, varnished wood, and any other surfaces that a water blaster might wreak havoc with.

Professional water blasting is worth the investment.

Unless you really know what you’re doing, water blasters are not something to be toyed with. They can cause serious damage if you use them incorrectly, or on the wrong surfaces.

A water blasting technician from EP Services can quickly, safely, and effectively clean your home’s exterior without exposing you to the risk of irreversible damage.

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