What Are The Symptoms of a Blocked Drain?

You shouldn’t have to wait for your house to flood to know that your drain is blocked. Even a partially blocked drain can be dangerous for your house and its drainage system, so being able to spot the early signs of a blockage is crucial if you want to prevent it from causing serious damage.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most important symptoms of blocked drains.


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What to look for

Not all drain blockages have visual symptoms. But in some cases, you might notice that water is draining more slowly than usual. This can be almost imperceptible at first, but in more serious cases (which we’ve all experienced at some point), it might seem that water isn’t draining at all.

If it’s just a single plughole that isn’t working properly, the problem might be superficial. Check to see if there’s a buildup of gunk blocking the plughole itself (hairs are a common culprit). If there’s nothing immediately visible, try using drain cleaner.

If nothing seems to work – or if multiple plug holes are affected – then you might have a far more serious issue, such as a blocked sewer pipe. A useful symptom to look for is one plughole affecting another: flushing the toilet might be causing water to come out of the sink, for instance.

What to listen for

Blocked drains often make a low gurgling sound. This can come from any part of the drainage system, and might only be audible under certain circumstances, such as when you flush the toilet.

What to smell

Not even the most dedicated plumber will pretend to enjoy the smell of a blocked drain. But awful smells are undeniably useful for diagnosing a hidden problem. In some cases, when you can’t see or hear any worrying signs, it’s your sense of smell that will tell you there’s something unpleasant lurking in your pipes.

When a drain is blocked, things like food scraps and fats get stuck and begin to rot. And if you’re especially unlucky, sewerage will be involved.

Worried about what you’re seeing, hearing, or smelling?

It’s important to act fast, before the blockage damages your drainage system or floods your home. If you think you’ve noticed a sign of a blockage,you should contact a professional plumber as soon as possible.

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