Top Spring Cleaning Tips To Prevent Bugs And Pests

With summer just around the corner in New Zealand, it’s an ideal time to clean up around the house and make sure no pests can get a foothold there. This is especially true given it’s the time of year when many pests are going through a breeding frenzy and looking for new places to live.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. But what exactly can you do to make your property undesirable for pests? Here are some of our top tips for your spring clean.


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Sweep, vacuum, and dust.

This step almost goes without saying, but it’s absolutely vital if you’re serious about preventing pest infestations. The trap many homeowners fall into is only paying attention to areas that are easily visible to humans. But in fact, it’s the nooks and crannies least visited by humans that are most attractive to pests.

The dusty, unvacuumed corners of your closet, for example, are ideal for moths and rodents. A good solution is to remove all your clothes (from your closet), open the doors wide, and vacuum carefully from top to bottom.

The same goes for areas like the dirty patch of concrete in your garage – you know, the hard-to-reach area where the bicycles and the tatty sofa are kept. Generally, it’s these neglected areas that are the most pest-friendly – full of food sources and safe breeding grounds.

Don’t let any water stagnate.

Stagnant or standing water is a perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes. In your bathroom, puddles in your shower or on your bathroom floor are attractive to cockroaches. They’re much less likely to live in a dry, airy bathroom.

Prevent water buildup by asking a plumber to fix any leaking pipes or perpetually dripping faucets. Consider using a squeegee to remove excess water from your floor after a shower. Outside the house, make sure you don’t have any open containers or empty pots that fill up with water when it rains. These water sources will potentially increase mosquito activity in your house.

Safely store your food.

Just as pests need water to survive, they also need a consistent food source. Some pests, like rodents and ants, will be greatly encouraged if the food in your pantry is accessible. Make sure everything is fully sealed: use ziplock bags when necessary, and try not to leave things like dog biscuits lying around all day.

Fruit bowls encourage fruit flies, especially if you allow the fruit to grow old and don’t clean the bowl itself regularly. Our tip: try putting your fruit inside a muslin cloth bag to keep pests away. It’s also important to wipe kitchen benches and dining tables thoroughly after preparing or eating food, as even crumbs can be enough to lure ants into your home.

Tidy and repair your home’s exterior.

By making your home more physically difficult to access, you can greatly reduce the odds of a rodent infestation. Keep the gaps in your doors and windows sealed, and repair any openings or rotting wood along the sides of your house.

If you’re reading this because you’re already suffering from a pest infestation, we can help. Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation pest control quote in the Auckland region.

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