Top Gutter Cleaning Myths And Misconceptions

New Zealand’s climate and conditions are unique, which means that gutter cleaning is far from being a predictable task. Some of us suffer from the usual autumn leaf fall – but other roofs are prey to year-round pine needles, or strips of bark fallen from eucalyptus trees. 

The more you know, the longer your roof will last before it needs to be repaired or replaced. So here are five of our favourite gutter cleaning myths and misconceptions.


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Myth #1: Gutter cleaning isn’t that important.

We all know the feeling of comfort that comes from not being able to see a problem. Because you can’t see what’s in your gutter, it’s easy to neglect gutter maintenance altogether. After all, what’s the worst that could happen if your gutter is blocked? Won’t the overflowing rainwater spill harmlessly onto the ground below?

Unfortunately, a blocked gutter is a serious risk to the structural integrity of your roof. It promotes mould growth and can cause leaks. If water isn’t cleared properly by your gutter system, it can also damage your siding, flood the ground at the base of your house, and even cause your foundation to crack.

Regular gutter cleaning is important precisely because it avoids these enormously expensive issues further down the line.

Myth #2: Anyone can do it.

It’s true that anyone physically fit can climb a ladder and scramble around on a roof, though this is risky without proper training – for both the person and the roof. But effective gutter cleaning involves more than just donning gloves and clearing dead leaves from your gutters. Special equipment is needed to inspect and clear downspouts, and technical expertise allows a professional to make judgements about the need for repairs and maintenance.

Myth #3: You just need to remove the debris from the gutter.

When you ask for a professional gutter cleaning service, you’re not just hiring someone to clear a few leaves and branches from your roof. A routine checkup also involves meticulous inspection of gutter seams, careful testing for any cracking and leaks, flushing of downspouts, and ensuring that these downspouts are successfully draining rainwater a suitable distance from your house’s foundation.

Myth #4: Gutters only need to be cleaned once a year.

It’s true that all gutters should be cleaned at least once a year. But certain gutters may in fact require cleaning two or three times a year. If your home is prone to high leaf fall, strong gusts of wind, or if an unexpected tropical cyclone passes through New Zealand, you should consider cleaning your gutters more frequently than once a year.

Myth #5: Gutter guards do 100% of the job for you.

Although gutter guards can be very helpful in some cases, they don’t mean you can simply ignore your gutters forever. Most gutter guards gradually accumulate debris over time, and need to be cleaned themselves in order to keep working properly. They make it easier to maintain your gutters, but they don’t take away the need for regular maintenance. 

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