Re-Roofing 101

Where To Start?

When it comes to deciding to re-roof your house, educate yourself first. Doing your research beforehand and asking questions is vital...


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What Is Re-Roofing?

Let’s start from the beginning. Re-roofing is the process of layering a set of new shingles over a set of pre-existing shingles. Shingles are a roof covering consisting of individually overlapping elements. Re-roofing can only be done once, so if you already have two layers in place, re-roofing may not be an option for you. Re-roofing is when your roof may not need to be entirely replaced, but something needs to be fixed instead. In comparison to roof replacement, it is time efficient and more cost effective without compromising on quality. As re-roofing and roof replacements can serve different purposes, re-roofing is often a sustainable fix and can prevent the urgent need for a roof replacement.

What Is The Duration Of A Re-Roofing Job?

Each job is dependent on the size and complexity of the roof. A small yet simple roof can be started and finished within 2 days, while either a more complex project or larger roof can take up to anywhere around a week.

How Does Weather Affect Re-Roofing Projects?

It may be obvious that bad weather can interrupt or even postpone roofing projects. Safety of our workers is considered first when it comes to weather conditions and whether it is suitable to work. Although, keeping the house dry is also a priority. In winter it can likely take longer, as we will not remove your roof when it is raining. We only remove as much roof as we can replace that same day - ensuring your home is kept safe and dry.

How Long Is It Expected to Wait For Work To Begin?

Within 4 to 6 weeks, dependent on weather, a contractor should be ready for work after consent is signed off. The time of year can cause time delays, as well as the contractor’s backlog. The contractor has a responsibility to be straightforward about his availability and estimated time to start and complete when discussing construction work in the beginning.

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