Keeping Up With Your Heat Pump

Keeping your heat pump healthy can be a breeze… To prolong your unit’s lifespan and maintain efficiency, we believe it is important to be aware of how your heat pump is working. Here are a few easy tips from our professionals to ensure your heat pump is up to standard.

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Maintaining Your Air Filter

We recommend checking the air filters monthly, cleaning them regularly and replacing the filter annually or as needed. To clean your air filter, first you must locate where it is. In your manual, you should be directed on how to remove the filter and then either continue to vacuum or wipe down with a damp cloth. When using your heat pump regularly, be sure to give your air filter a decent clean every few weeks, or monthly. To assist in the maintenance of your heat pump. Washing the unit with antibacterial solution assists in the cleanliness. The cleaner the filter, the less work your pump will need to do to keep the air flow around your home.

The Outdoor Unit

Keep your outdoor unit clear of snow, ice or rubbish. By doing so, this eliminates the risk of unwanted odors and encourages the pump to run smoother without any interference. The outdoor coils are essential, keep them clean. An intensive clean of your outdoor coils should be done no less than once a year, especially when wanting the best results of a powerful unit during the summer. It is most recommended to schedule professional maintenance and cleanings for twice a year, with more attention paid towards condenser coil cleanings. Ensure shrubs are pulled back from all sides of the heat pump to allow for proper airflow.

Change of Seasons

The change of seasons should act as a reminder as to when to flush out your unit. As one of the many benefits of a heat pump allows you to alter between the heat and cool down option, so be cautious with the change of weather. When transitioning between the heating and cooling system, be sure to flush the indoor condensate pan and drain it before using the air conditioning. To ensure the unit is working efficiently, keep track of heating/cooling by running the unit and recording the on/off temperatures.

Being Aware

Maintenance is easy and does not take a lot of time. To be safe, have your heat pump inspected by a trained technician at least once a year to maximize its lifetime. Here we have included some general checks which you can do yourself.

Listen for noises and vibrations. This includes regularly taking note of how your fan and pump motor sounds. If there are any alterations in the noises, do take note. Anything concerning should be notified to a plumber. The sooner the better.

Smelling the air your unit produces may seem a little odd at first, but being aware if the unit produces an unusual smell can help to save you money. If you are able to identify it, then it could just be a change of scent in the environment. Foul odors should be checked out fast, you don’t want mold or mildew molecules being dispersed throughout your home from your unit.

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