How Water Blasting Helps Maintain Your Home’s Street Appeal

Water blasting – also known as power washing or pressure washing – is a fantastic way to improve the street appeal of your home. It has a wide range of uses, and it’s highly effective at removing grime and making everything look spick and span.

Besides improving the appearance of your house and outdoor area, water blasting also prolongs their life. By removing destructive substances like lichen and algae, it slows the rate of decay of brick, concrete, and other materials.

But how exactly can water blasting be used to its full potential? Let’s look at a few major applications:


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Driveway & path maintenance

Though it’s easy to neglect them, your driveway and path are among the first things a visitor will notice when they arrive at your house. Even if the house itself is in excellent condition, a driveway slippery with moss or a concrete path covered in patches of algae will ruin the good first impression.

On the flipside, a beautifully maintained driveway and path can do a lot to improve the street appeal of your home. Water blasting is often a great solution to pesky, stubborn grime. In the hands of a professional, the difference water blasting makes can be like night and day.

Deck & fence cleaning

You’ve already made a great first impression with your driveway and path; why ruin it with a mouldy fence or deck?

As a homeowner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that the nature of your house never changes and can’t change. You look at something like a deck or patio, and think “this is the place where I keep my buckets, my rake, and that tattered old sofa I can’t be bothered taking to the tip.”

Well, you’ll be amazed how much of a difference a dose of water blasting can make to this way of thinking. A deck absolutely filthy with years of accumulated grime and debris may seem unappetising and useless; but a thorough clean can transform it into a pleasant space, where you enjoy spending time with your friends on a Sunday afternoon.

House & roof washing

Another common use for water blasting is house and roof washing. This generally requires more caution, because your house and roof are usually made of more brittle materials than, say, a concrete driveway. Water blasting should always be carried out by someone who knows what they’re doing. And it’s even more essential to consult a professional before aiming that high-powered water blaster at your precious home.

In cases where water blasting can be safely used to clean your walls and roof, however, the effect is dramatic.

If you’re looking to improve the street appeal of your house, water blasting is a key part of the arsenal at your disposal. Because it’s such a high-powered tool, it’s easy to cause permanent damage to your property if you attempt to use it without the necessary experience. 

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