How To Tell You Need To Call A Pest Control Professional

When it comes to pest control, there’s often a very murky line between “I can deal with this myself” and “this situation is getting out of hand.” An ant infestation, for example, might last a day – or it might seem to go on forever and get worse over time, no matter how many DIY baits you cover your floor with. 

So how do you tell when you need to call in a professional pest control technician? Here are some of the major warning signs you should look for:


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Disconcerting noises.

Some pests are extremely adept at hiding. If they all declared their presence by strutting around in front of you, it would be fairly easy to know when to call in a professional. Unfortunately, some pests can cause significant damage to property while giving very few signs that you have a problem.

Termites are a good example of this. If you hear soft and persistent rustling noises coming from within your walls, it’s fairly likely that termites have taken up residence and are slowly chewing away on the wood.

In New Zealand, it’s more common to hear scratching noises in the ceiling cavity above your head. Listen carefully: it might just be a possum scampering over your roof, or birds hopping about looking for insects in your gutters. More concerning is something that’s clearly inside your roof. Rats and mice often live – and breed – in roof cavities. If you think this might be the case, you’ll want to ask a pest control specialist to deal with this nasty rodent infestation.


Even the stealthiest pests have a digestive system. This is both bad news and good news. It’s bad news, because it means you’ll find droppings on your floor, on your kitchen bench, or even in your bedsheets. Whether they’re large droppings (from a rat) or tiny droppings (from bed bugs or cockroaches), they can pose serious health risks and need to be remedied as quickly as possible.

The good news is that these droppings at least tell you there’s a problem. Be on the lookout for clusters of tiny brown spots on your bed (bed bug droppings), or what looks like bits of ground pepper on your floor (cockroach droppings). Also keep an eye (and nostril) open for strong-smelling rat urine.

Kitchen infestations.

Many Kiwis have a fairly relaxed attitude to pests. A few ants on the windowsill never harmed anyone, did they?

But if it’s your kitchen that’s infested, you need to act quickly to fix the problem. It’s generally not a coincidence that pests have chosen your kitchen to live in: they’ve found an excellent source of food, which also happens to be your source of food. And sharing food with ants, flies, mice, or cockroaches is not only off-putting, but also puts you at risk of various diseases. 

Property damage. 

In some cases, you’ll notice property damage before you notice the pests that are causing it. Signs to look for include gnaw marks on your walls, baseboard, or banisters; moth holes in your clothing, or bite marks in your furniture; and any wiring that appears to have been chewed.

These are all fairly serious signs that you’re sharing your house with other creatures. Gnawed wiring (a common sign of rodents) can cause electrical fires, and termite damage to wood can compromise the structural integrity of your walls.

If you’ve spotted – or heard – something suspicious, a professional pest control technician can help. At Endeavour Property Services, we offer a free, no-obligation assessment and quote anywhere in the Auckland region. We’ll diagnose the problem for you, and deal quickly and effectively with your unwanted visitors. Contact us today to find out more.
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