How to Tell Its Time to Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Keeping your gutters clean is a relatively simple chore, but it is very important in the grand scheme of household maintenance. It is vital to keep on top of it as it helps prevent problems like blocked downpipes that cause rainwater to leak into your ceiling cavity. Overtime commonly get blocked with leaves, organic matter and rubbish. When blocked your gutter cannot function as they should, causing water to spill out and run down your homes walls into your homes foundation. This is why it is important to always keep your gutters cleaned and well maintained as they act as protection for your home against the elements. Below we will cover some of the warning signs of blocked gutters, that let you know it is time to get your gutters cleaned.


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One sure-fire sign that you’re overdue a gutter clean is seeing grass and plants growing out of the gutters themselves. This shows that you are well overdue for a gutter clean, as for plants to grow there needs to be a layer of leaves and dirt for the roots to be able to form. This happens as dirt and debris flows off your roof, and with it seeds from plants make their way into your gutters.


Water Spilling Out 

If your gutters are blocked they will not be able to fulfil their function, drawing water away from your home. If you see rainwater spilling out of your homes gutters you can be sure that it is time to get your gutters cleaned. Blocked gutters cause water to spill out often in strong torrents, which can cause damage to your home.


Birds Nesting

When gutters get full of leaves and other foliage they become an attractive nesting place for birds. This is one clear warning sign that it is probably time to get your gutters cleaned! As once birds begin nesting in your gutters they will also start leaving their faeces in the gutters.


Sagging Gutters


Blocked gutters can be identified when your gutters start to sag. As a build-up of leaves, debris and water can be heavy. It can overload the gutters and lead them to start to sag, or even fall down. If your gutters start to sag it is important to get them cleaned asap. As sagging gutters can very quickly become detached from your home due to the strain put on the fixing. By taking action as soon as you notice sagging, or scheduling regular gutter cleaning. You can save yourself from costly gutter repairs or even complete replacement. As overtime blocked gutters will cause a lot of damage to the gutters themselves as well as your home.



Another clear warning sign that you need to get your gutters cleaned is seeing more pests around your home. This is because blocked gutters are moist and warm and act as a perfect habitat for a range of pests. For example, blocked gutters often cause water to become stuck and turn stagnant. This acts as a perfect habitat for mosquitos to live and breed in, if you are experiencing more mosquitos or hearing animals scuttling across your roof. It is probably due to your blocked gutters becoming home to a range of creatures.


Staining & Mould


Stains or mould on your homes exterior can be a warning sign that your gutters are due for a clean. As when full water overflows out from your gutters and runs down the walls of your home. This overflowing water is often dirty from the build-up of dirt, leaves and silt in the gutters. This can cause discoloured marks on your homes paintwork from the dirty water overflowing out the blocked gutters.


Peeling Paint 

If you are noticing that your homes paintwork is peeling in some areas more than others, it could be due water overflowing out of your blocked gutters. Water overflowing from your homes gutters runs down the walls of your home and ruins your paint job. As it causes moisture to build up underneath the paint causing it to bubble and peel.

Chances are if you cannot remember the last time that you got your homes gutter cleaned, that they are needing a clean. It is recommended that you clean your gutters twice a year, once after autumn as this is when the majority of leaves fall into your homes gutters. Also, it is important to get them cleaned again before winter, as winter is when you rely on your gutters the most.

Although blocked gutters are easy to spot when you know what to look for. Often it is not noticed until it is too late, when you have a leak in our home or your gutters have fallen off. Call a gutter cleaning service right away whenever you start noticing any of the above common warning signs of blocked gutters and you will avoid the unnecessary repair costs not only to your gutters but the rest of your home.

 But it is important to keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. As often once you realise that your gutters are blocked the damage has already been done, from water leaking into your home. This is why we recommend scheduling regular gutter cleaning to avoid costly repairs. Also, if you schedule bi-annual gutter cleaning it is one less thing you need to worry about as a home owner, and you can rest assured that your homes gutters will be clean and functional year around. Calling in a gutter cleaning professional also helps to keep an eye on the overall health of your gutters, so you can undertake any repairs before the whole system needs replacing.





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