How To Remove Common Carpet Stains

We recently discussed the best ways to keep your carpet clean and stain-free. But after reading that post, a lot of people asked for more specific advice about dealing with the most common types of carpet stain.

If in doubt, it’s generally best to get your stain looked at by an expert before you do anything to it yourself. Some of the home remedies touted online can make the problem worse, and reduce the effectiveness of professional methods later on.


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Cat and dog… mess

Euphemisms aside, we’re all familiar with this particular nightmare. We walk into our lovely carpeted lounge, only to find... ugh! If you’re reading this post after stumbling upon a nasty-smelling wet patch or a steaming pile of something worse, you’re in luck – because there’s a way out.

If it’s a wet patch, put some gloves on and use paper towels to blot the patch until all the moisture is soaked up. It’s important not to rub, because this will drive the moisture deeper into the carpet. Dampen the area with warm water, and repeat the blotting until you’re satisfied the urine is gone. To get rid of the smell, try using a solution of ½ white vinegar and ½ warm water. Avoid using ammonia-based products, as your pets may feel like doing the deed again when they smell this! 

If it’s a stool, use gloves and paper towels to carefully remove all the solid matter, then follow the same process described above.


Consider calling the police? But if it’s just from a bleeding nose, continue reading this blog post.

Bloodstains are tricky to remove, especially if time has passed and the blood has coagulated. If the stain is relatively fresh, you can try using cold water mixed in a spray bottle with two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid. Spray it liberally on the bloodstain, then use paper towels to blot it dry. Rinse with cold water, and repeat if needed.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Coffee stains

Coffee stains are especially annoying because they’re extremely noticeable, particularly on light-coloured carpets. First, you should use paper towels to blot the stain until it’s dry. After that use a ½ white vinegar and ½ warm water solution to rinse the affected spot, then blot dry once more with fresh paper towels.

Red wine stains

Uh oh! This is a very, very tough one – and there isn’t always a simple fix. If you’ve just spilled red wine on your carpet, try blotting it dry with paper towels, rinsing with water, then blotting it dry again. If the stain is fresh, you can sometimes get good results just by following that simple process.

If the red wine has already been absorbed into the carpet fibres, and dried – or if someone has tried to remove it by rubbing it, rather than blotting – then you should call a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

Professional carpet cleaners, like the ones at Endeavour Property Services, have all the tools and know-how to tackle any stain effectively. Sometimes, when you’re in doubt, it’s better to put the problem into the safe hands of an expert rather than trying to deal with it yourself and risk making it worse.

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