How to Prevent Ant Infestations

Ants present a uniquely annoying type of infestation. They’re small enough to fit through the tiniest gaps – through cracks in skirting boards, under window panes, and into carefully sealed packets of food. But they’re so numerous that they can wreak the kind of havoc you’d normally only expect from a large rodent. It’s this combination of small size and big effect that makes ant infestations the bane of many Kiwi homeowners’ existence.


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Make your home less attractive to ants.

Some very small infestations go away on their own. If the ants in your bathroom seem to be preoccupied with a cockroach carcass or something similarly appetising, then it’s possible they’ll disappear again once they’re finished. But if the infestation is larger or lasts for more than a few hours, the following steps will help you get rid of them:

The main reason ants enter your property is because, like any insect or animal, they need food to survive. If they can’t find anything suitable outdoors – or if they happened to build their nest next to your house – then indoor areas like your kitchen are an ideal place for them to find food that’ll help their colony survive.

You can reduce the chances of an infestation by regularly cleaning your house, and ensuring that it’s free from crumbs, dead insects, and other sources of food. You should also remove any solitary ants you find and wipe the area they’ve been crawling across, because other ants will be tempted to follow the scent of these scouts.

Target the ant nest.

Once ants have successfully invaded your home, it’s useless to kill them off one by one. Although sprays are indeed effective at killing individual ants in great numbers, this won’t help in the long run. Ant queens, which reside in the nest, are capable of producing thousands of new offspring every day.

Kill the queen, and you destroy the colony. The most common way to do this is with ant bait. If these poisonous substances are deployed where the ants are roaming, they’ll be carried back to the nest. Over a period of days (for smaller colonies) or weeks (for larger ones), the nest and the queen will gradually succumb to the poison.

Unfortunately, ant baits are usually toxic for pets and children, and they’re by no means a failsafe way to get rid of ants. No sooner have you dealt with one colony, than another might spring up, attracted by the scent of the previous visitors.

Get professional ant control help.

This is the surest way to eliminate ants once and for all. Not only can professional ant control specialists safely and effectively remove an existing nest; they’ll also inspect your house for potential entry routes, and help you prevent future infestations. Very often, the same conditions that encouraged the first ant colony will allow other colonies to take its place – so it’s important to understand how ants behave, and make it as difficult as possible for them to enter your home.

Sick of ants marching through your home?

If you want to eliminate your ant problem with minimum hassle and maximum effectiveness, our licensed pest control technicians can help. Unlike some pest control companies, we give special attention to preventing future infestations. Best of all, the solutions we use are safe for pets, children, and the environment. Contact us today about making your property an ant-free zone.

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