How To Fix Harmless Electrical Problems At Home

Believe it or not, it is easy to miss small electrical mishaps in your home. But when you do discover them, be sure to jump on the solution. We have listed some common and harmless problems which may be familiar to you. Although, you need to understand that playing around with wires is not like making your own candle. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing and that you are taking precautions when doing so*. Common knowledge such as turning off the power and not working where conductors or terminals and active is a must. If you feel doubtful, call a licensed electrician.


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Loose Outlet

Plug not staying in the outlet? The problem could be the prongs or the receptacle. Trying multiple devices to make sure that the outlet is actually loose is the first step in confirming the problem. Damaged contact points are the core cause of a loose outlet. As the contacts simply wear out over time, heat and sparks from bad wiring can impact the wear and tear and cause damage to the outlet faster. A quick home fix is possible when it comes to damaged contact points being the underlying cause.

If the outlet locks in other devices, but you have only one loose plug, straightening out the bent prongs and trying again is an easy home test. If it’s a lamp, the option of buying a cheap rewiring kit at your local hardware store is there. If you are not a pro with electrical business, ask an electrician to rewire it for you.

Broken Light Switch

A broken light switch is the most common of household electrical problems. If you are confident enough to fix yourself, it can be a safe and easy fix. To start off with, ensure the circuit breaker is turned off - the light will go out when you choose the correct one is off. Taking a Flathead screwdriver, remove the face plate and a Phillips head to remove the light switch. Test the two wires connected to the screw for electricity. If it’s safe from there, disconnect and reassemble the new light switch.

Simple Short Circuit

Simple electrical appliances, such as phone chargers or hairdryers, have a history of tripping or short-circuiting. The easiest solution is to reset the breaker. If the problem is continuous after attempts of resetting, this indicates an issue with the appliance and not the electrical system. If you have tested our appliances and the circuit is still cutting, a short in the wire or receptacle needs to be addressed. This is when a more extensive process will need to be applied, be sure to call in an electrician.

* Before attempting to be your own electrician, you must be aware of the legalities of doing so. When doing your own electrical work, the first requirement is that the property of which you're working on must be of yours or a close family member. From then on, planning to do some work as a homeowner, it is absolutely crucial to have the knowledge and skills required to follow it through with.

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