How to Avoid Drain Blockages.

There are certain facts of life that can’t be avoided. Marmite toast always falls face-down. Wifi always stops working when you desperately need to check your emails. And drains always get blocked when you’re in a rush or trying to enjoy your weekend.

The good news is that drain blockages – unlike volcanoes or earthquakes – aren’t simply disasters waiting to happen. There are a few things you can do to reduce the chances that they’ll pick you as their next victim. Here are some of our top tips:


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Fats and oils are the shiftiest cloggers.

Even for the most careful homeowner, it’s easy to neglect fats and oils. In the warmth of your kitchen or the heat of a frying pan, they tend to be in liquid form. But if you simply pour the excess down your sink, they might become solid when they hit a cooler temperature and start to congest your drain. Because other organic matter will stick to this fatty mass, the congestion can quickly snowball.

To avoid this, do your best to pour any fats or oils into your recycling or rubbish bin.

Hair is the beginning of the (split) end.

Everyone knows that human hair clogs drains, particularly in the shower and the bathroom sink. Rather than simply washing everything down the plughole after shaving or rinsing, you could install a basic and affordable mesh screen. This will collect all the hair for you – and you can empty it into the bin anytime you like.

Taste buds and plug holes are not the same.

Generally, the more delicious something is, the worse it is for your drains. Coffee grounds in particular can wreak havoc with drains over time. Rather than pouring these into your kitchen sink after a cuppa, you should always put them in the rubbish.

The same goes for pasta, rice, carrot peel, and those little scraps of spilt food you pick up off the floor. Although the plughole is temptingly easy, the rubbish bin is your best friend when it comes to preventing clogged drains. (Our best tip? Make sure the lid on your bin isn’t annoying to open.)

A few more tips:

  • If you cut your fingernails into the sink, resist the urge to wash them down afterwards. They’ll snag against the rough parts of your drain, and increase the likelihood of a blockage.
  • Chemicals, even in liquid form, are best disposed of according to safety regulations. Not only will this protect the environment; it’ll also keep your drains safe from corrosion.
  • Periodically use a spoonful of baking soda, washed down with hot water, to clear any fat buildup in your drains. Vinegar also works well for this.

Is one of your drains already blocked?

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