Hazardous Electrical Problems In Your Home

Most homeowners encounter the odd electrical problem here and there. Some are more common than you think. Although, there is a fine line between when they’re harmless and when they can be classified as dangerous. Here are a few common but hazardous problems which may be occurring in your home.


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Lights Flickering

Flickering or dimming lights are often dismissed; either due to overuse and the bulb dying or just not taking any notice to it, this can lead to a larger problem which most people are unaware of. When your lights flicker or dim, this could be a sign of a poor connection. A loose connection can lead to eventual arcing which can result in sparking and overheating. In an extreme case, a fire is a threat which could be the outcome. Be sure to get a professional opinion if your lights are flickering often.

Bulb Blowouts

It is normal for light bulbs to blowout, although if it’s occurring frequently, there may be a problem more serious than just overuse. A loose connection in the socket or circuit could be the underlying cause, but this can have a deadly effect. Much like the outcome of lights flickering, a bulb blowout could blow at any time if you’re not careful. If you’re not aware of this, damage to your home could be done.

Circuit Trips

When a circuit is overloaded and using too much electricity, the circuit trips. Legally, this feature should be installed in all circuits as a safety feature. The frequency of a circuiting tripping or ‘short-circuiting’ is what needed to be calculated. If the occurrence of a circuit trip is persistent, the circuit can blow and result in dangerous sparking or fire. Adding a circuit or considering an upgrade in your electrical service is the safest option which should be carried out by a professional.

Dead Outlets

Excessive buildup of heat can result in melted wires or outlets. Similar to a circuit trip, except the outcome can be more damaging. With melted wires and outlets, means heat. Any electrical problem with heat as a factor is considered a high concern. If you have any hesitations, call in an electrician for their help.

Heated Switches

Dimming switches do warm up, and if it’s anything other than a dimming switch, a warm outlet is a serious safety concern. In general, if the switch (dimmer or not), is too hot to touch for more than a second, it’s probably too hot. This is likely the result of work overload and should be evaluated by a pro immediately.

Don’t try to be a hero! Although these electrical problems are common, they are not as easy as they seem. Do not ignore the potential dangers or put yourself at risk. We would not recommend attempting to solve these problems yourself as they can be extremely dangerous. If there is any hesitation, do contact a professional.

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