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It’s Time For A New Roof

Did you know that a new roof can lift your property value significantly?

Not only will a new roof allow for redesign, but it can provide decades of protection for your most important asset - your home. There are two common reasons why people choose to re-roof. The first reason may be just for a change or redesign. The second reason may be to do with roof damage such as corrosion, rust, mold or leaks. Many causes of a roof failing can be due to old age, wrong material for environment/poor installation or poor maintenance.

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Re-Roofing 101

Where To Start?

When it comes to deciding to re-roof your house, educate yourself first. Doing your research beforehand and asking questions is vital...

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Why Electrical Tagging And Testing Is Important

Tagging and Testing services is essentially an electrical routine inspection. The service is used to ensure that all electrical fittings and appliances are deemed to be electrically safe when used. This is done through visual inspection of the appliance looking for damage or missing components, as well as electrical testing with earth continuity insulation resistance. By tagging and testing, a snapshot of the appliance at the time of testing is provided.

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Hazardous Electrical Problems In Your Home

Most homeowners encounter the odd electrical problem here and there. Some are more common than you think. Although, there is a fine line between when they’re harmless and when they can be classified as dangerous. Here are a few common but hazardous problems which may be occurring in your home.

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How To Fix Harmless Electrical Problems At Home

Believe it or not, it is easy to miss small electrical mishaps in your home. But when you do discover them, be sure to jump on the solution. We have listed some common and harmless problems which may be familiar to you. Although, you need to understand that playing around with wires is not like making your own candle. Make sure you know exactly what you are doing and that you are taking precautions when doing so*. Common knowledge such as turning off the power and not working where conductors or terminals and active is a must. If you feel doubtful, call a licensed electrician.

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Dealing With A Flooded Lawn

Wet spots in your yard can be a real nuisance, as grass will die if it’s underwater for too long. Puddles of water on the lawn, soggy patches of grass and visible denser growth of shrubbery are all obvious signs of a drainage blocking or a mistake in the landscaping drainage.

When puddles occur on your lawn, you can’t mow over them. It can be a real hassle to deal with. The location of the soggy area is important if it’s close to your home, there is a possibility of causing your basement to leak or to rot your foundations. Here are a few options to consider if this problem occurs…

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Why You Need A Thermal Imaging Inspection

95% of plumbing systems around your house are tucked away within the walls, under flooring or in the ceiling void. While being hidden away is a bonus for the aesthetic of your home, it is not so ideal when it comes to identifying faults such as pipe bursts. Plumbers often utilize Thermal Imaging to uncover hidden leaks, analyse water damage undetected to the naked eye and to specify the exact location for repairs. A burst pipe would mean a wet or damp area, this results in a different temperature in comparison to the surrounding dry area. This technique is not just used to inspect pipes around the property, but can also be beneficial when it comes to drains carrying wastewater around the property. 

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The Most Common Causes Of A Blocked Sink

A blocked drain starts out as a minor problem, but when left untouched, it can escalate into a major problem. When a drain is clogged, the water drainage process slows, flooding can occur and in extreme cases, sewage is backed up resulting in a costly repair. Sink drains are well exposed to excess dirt, food waste, hair, soap and mineral build up. These four things are the most common source of your blocked household sink.

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How To Know When Your Drain Is Blocked

Unfortunately, a blocked drain is all too common and that can be because we’re not looking out for the early warning signs. For a blockage to occur, it is often increased over a long period of time. Once a problem is apparent, it can snowball quickly…By educating yourself on the symptoms of a blocked drain, you will be able to pick up on defects or issues before it’s too late.

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Keeping Up With Your Heat Pump

Keeping your heat pump healthy can be a breeze… To prolong your unit’s lifespan and maintain efficiency, we believe it is important to be aware of how your heat pump is working. Here are a few easy tips from our professionals to ensure your heat pump is up to standard.

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