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Top Gutter Cleaning Myths And Misconceptions

New Zealand’s climate and conditions are unique, which means that gutter cleaning is far from being a predictable task. Some of us suffer from the usual autumn leaf fall – but other roofs are prey to year-round pine needles, or strips of bark fallen from eucalyptus trees. 

The more you know, the longer your roof will last before it needs to be repaired or replaced. So here are five of our favourite gutter cleaning myths and misconceptions.

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How Often You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned

In the Middle Ages, carpets were a luxury only the richest could afford. They were reserved for the best room in the lord’s castle; and few people ever got the chance to see one, let alone own one.

We’ve come a long way since then. But now we have the opposite problem: people have begun to take their carpets for granted, and don’t give them the care they need. Regular cleaning – and by “cleaning” we don’t just mean vacuuming – is essential if you want to extend your carpet’s lifespan and keep it looking fantastic.

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How To Tell It Is Time To Get Your Home’s Roof Cleaned.

Keeping your roof clean works wonders for the overall appearance of your house – but it’s not just something you should do to keep up appearances. Dirty, debris-covered roofs are far more susceptible to damage over time, because damp conditions promote the growth of mould, lichen, and algae. These living organisms in turn degrade your roofing material – which puts you on the fast track to a leak or even more serious problems.

With this in mind, the obvious question is: how do you know when it’s time to clean your roof?

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How Water Blasting Helps Maintain Your Home’s Street Appeal

Water blasting – also known as power washing or pressure washing – is a fantastic way to improve the street appeal of your home. It has a wide range of uses, and it’s highly effective at removing grime and making everything look spick and span.

Besides improving the appearance of your house and outdoor area, water blasting also prolongs their life. By removing destructive substances like lichen and algae, it slows the rate of decay of brick, concrete, and other materials.

But how exactly can water blasting be used to its full potential? Let’s look at a few major applications:

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How To Clean Your Windows Like A Professional

Windows are pesky things. Sometimes you dedicate a whole Sunday afternoon to cleaning them inside and out, only to find them seemingly dirtier and more streak-covered than when you started. The classic Kiwi technique of newspaper scraps and window spray doesn’t help!

So how do the professionals do it? Well, we’ve been cleaning windows in Auckland for more than a decade, and know a thing or two about dirty glass. Here are our tips for getting your windows so clean that birds and small children will bump into them:

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How Regular Gutter Cleaning Saves You Money In The Long Term

Everyone knows that gutters exist for a very specific purpose: diverting rainwater off your roof and away from your home. But what many New Zealanders are less familiar with is the fact that neglecting your gutters can cause dramatic – and expensive – consequences.

It’s easy to assume that blocked gutters will simply cause excess water to overflow harmlessly and spill from your roof onto the ground. Although this process sounds innocuous enough, it actually promotes mould growth, and can damage your roof, crack your foundation, and cause a host of other problems. Ultimately, it can force you to waste a lot of money on repairs.

So without further ado, here’s how taking proper care of your gutters can save you money.

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How To Spring Clean The Exterior Of Your Home

The phrase “spring clean” dates back to the time when people lit a smoky fire every day, to keep warm during a long, freezing winter. In this earlier age, spring was the perfect time to throw open the windows, don a pair of gloves, and freshen everything up again.

But it’s not just the inside of a house that benefits from a spring clean. The increasing number of sunshine hours means it’s the ideal time to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior, too. Here’s a checklist for your comprehensive exterior spring clean:

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How To Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New

Carpets are luxurious, but they’re also expensive – and notoriously difficult to clean. Like many things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are our top tips on extending your carpet’s lifespan and ensuring that its brand-new look lasts as long as possible.

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How To Avoid The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

The drains in your house are a bit like the veins in your body. If they begin to get blocked, the problem can escalate very rapidly.

Left untreated, clogged drains can wreak havoc with your house’s plumbing, often causing permanent damage and leaks that are expensive to fix. And leaks themselves can cause even more expensive damage to the structure of your home. We’ve previously discussed how to diagnose a blockage before it’s too late. Now, let’s look at the best ways to combat the most common causes.

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How Often You Should Clean Your Home’s Roof

Out of sight, out of mind.”

That’s the attitude many homeowners take towards their roof. Even relatively dedicated housekeepers, who are more than willing to vacuum regularly and maintain their gardens, tend to neglect their duties when it comes to the roof.

The reasons for this are understandable. Roofs are difficult to reach, and dangerous to work on unless you know what you’re doing. A filthy roof is also easier to ignore than, say, a filthy kitchen.

So it’s worth stressing just how important it is to keep your roof clean and well-maintained. Moss, algae, lichen, and decaying leaves are more than an eyesore; over time, they can gradually eat away at the roofing material, and reduce the lifespan of your roof.

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