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Ants belong outdoors. Sometimes they need to be reminded of that fact.

Few things make people’s hearts sink like coming home to find a long trail of ants leading into the kitchen cupboards. No home or business is perfectly insulated against the outdoors, and occasionally ants from the garden will decide that your living area offers brighter opportunities than the world at large.

Some infestations are small and opportunistic. A stray scout might have discovered a dead cockroach, for example, and her colony will disappear again as soon as they’ve removed its carcass. 

Other ant problems last longer, but are small and concentrated enough for you to more or less treat them with DIY techniques.

But all too often, ants bring their suitcases with them and take up residence in your house. Over-the-counter treatments like ant bait fail to get rid of them, and nothing else seems to work. 

Your kitchen becomes subject to unwelcome hordes, which crawl all over your food and even bite your feet if you get too close. Understandably, this very quickly drives people mad.

Don’t let ants ruin your day.

Even if you’re only suffering from a small infestation, it’s important to treat it quickly and effectively. Ant colonies can grow in size with astonishing speed – especially if they’re Pharaoh ants – and they become harder to eliminate as they become more established.

Rather than placing ant poison in a few nooks and crannies and blindly hoping for the best, consider asking a pest control specialist to help you deal with the problem. 

They’re specially trained to identify the exact species of ant, as well as the scale of the infestation and where it originated from. On this basis, the specialist can come up with a targeted strategy that doesn’t just kill lots of ants – it kills every last one of them, and puts an end to the colony.

The team at EP Services has been helping Kiwis with ant infestations for more than ten years. New Zealand conditions bring a unique set of problems and considerations, and every building requires a different approach if the ants are to be successfully eliminated. 

We avoid the one-size-fits-all treatments that many contractors offer, preferring instead to come up with a solution that’s tailored to you.

Our ant control methods comply with all health and safety standards, and we go above and beyond to ensure that only the ants are harmed.

Are ants invading your business?

If you own a cafe, restaurant, or other establishment that deals with food, an ant infestation can ruin your reputation. Don’t let a single customer lay eyes on that nasty ant trail; contact us today and we’ll get it sorted for you in no time.

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